Alice + Ames Definitive Guide: All About the Brand and Where to Find the Best Alice and Ames Coupon Code

Updated December 11, 2021

A Little About Alice + Ames (or Alice and Ames) 

It can be difficult to find cute clothing that kids love that won’t get destroyed the minute they go outside or sit down for lunch. And when it’s more formal clothing, kids complain about scratchy textures and itchy fabrics.

That’s why moms of girls (myself included) love Alice & Ames. Their all-cotton dresses and romper are built for play. They come in a wide assortment of solid colors, floral prints, geometric prints, and other swoon-worthy designs. And although Alice & Ames is built for serious playground love, their clothing is adorably dressy enough to work for school pictures or family photos.

In fact, Alice & Ames was founded by wedding photographers Stacie and Geoff Land. They created the brand in 2015 after having their third child and realizing that the kids’ clothing market lacked clothes that both kids and their parents could love. Alice and Ames makes soft, durable, versatile clothing that is stylish and functional.

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This post covers some common Alice + Ames brand QA’s. If you’re curious about what Alice and Ames is, or why it’s so spendy, or how to get a (killer) deal, then read on.

What is Alice and Ames?

Alice and Ames is a children’s clothing company that produces quality, stretchy cotton dresses, rompers, leotards, tops, skirts, and playsets from size 2T to a girl’s size 10. Their products are beloved by both parents and children, built to be worn for play or for special occasions like birthdays or family pictures.

Where is Alice & Ames Located?

Alice & Ames is a family-owned, family-run company located in Arizona.

Where Are Alice & Ames Clothes Made?

All of Alice & Ames clothing is ethically made right here in the United States – in California to be precise. Which is great news for shoppers who value Made in the USA garments, and shoppers who value ethically made, sustainable fashion.

Part of Alice and Ames’ ethos is to minimize waste whenever possible. They have yearly warehouse sales for not items not quite perfect, and create hair bows and accessories out of leftover fabric scraps.

What Are the Different Styles of Alice and Ames Dresses?

Alice and Ames sells a number of high-quality, stretchy-cotton dresses. Super-soft, Alice & Ames dresses are built for play. For fancy occasions. Or any occasion that calls for a twist and twirl.

Different Styles of Alice & Ames Dresses

  • Juliet Dress: double-lined bodice, full-tiered skit, square neckline, and puffy short sleeves
  • Ballet Dress: long-sleeve
  • Short-Sleeve Ballet Dress: short-sleeve
  • Pinafore Dress: ballet dress shape and length, criss-cross straps
  • Tank Ballet Dress: tank straps (about 2 to 3 fingers width)
  • Summer Sleeve Ballet Dress: short-sleeve (Covers shoulder and then stops. The short-sleeve ballet dress sleeve comes closer to the elbow.)
  • Sunday Dress: fuller skirt and short flutter sleeves
  • Spaghetti Tank Dress: full circle skirt and stretchy fabric tie straps

Is it Just alice and Ames Dresses? What else Do They Sell?

Alice and Ames dresses are legend, but they also sell other garments too.

Alice & Ames also sells:

  • Long-sleeve wide leg jumpsuits
  • Short-sleeve wide leg jumpsuits
  • Tank-sleeve wide leg jumpsuits
  • Play skirts (maxi length)
  • Skirted Leos (Leotards)
  • Summer sleeve (short-sleeve) bodysuits (can be worn as leotards)

And as of December 2021, Alice and Ames has introduced pieces designed to be gender neutral. Find comfy cotton separates (tops and bottoms) for boys and girls.

This is great news, since many moms of boys (who don’t wear dresses) were feeling a bit left out. Gender neutral styles can get more wear from more kids.

Find out about Alice & Ames boys clothing and 30 other stylish boy clothing brands.

Is Alice and Ames Good Quality?

Yes, Alice and Ames clothing is exceptionally well-made. With Alice + Ames dresses built to be worn for play or fancier occasions, the brand places an emphasis on quality materials and solid construction. Alice + Ames clothing is definite hand-me-down quality, which is why you’ll see many of the brand’s coveted rompers and twirly dresses re-sold again and again on clothing resale sites and Facebook Buy Sell Trade groups.  

As with any garments, you can make your Alice + Ames clothing last longer by taking good care of it. Pretreat stains, wash in gentle cycles (without bulky items like denim or towels which can be hard on other fabrics) and hang dry when possible.

Is Alice and Ames True to Size?

I find that Alice and Ames runs true to size on the snug size, hence I always size up. my daughter is at the 85th percentile for her size. She’s 39 months old now, and has been wearing some of the same 3T Alice and Ames dresses for over a year. She can also fit neatly in 4T.

Because Alice and Ames dresses have so much stretch, I recommend buying on size up. It won’t look sloppy, and you can get extra wear out of your garment.

How Does Alice and Ames Run?

Alice and Ames run true to size, but the bodice is a tighter fit (stretchy knit) with a full circle skirt for optimal twirling. Because the dresses really stretch, I suggesting buying a size up. It doesn’t look too baggy, and you’ll maximize your wear.

Where Can I Buy Alice and Ames?

Alice and Ames is an online only retailer, and you can purchase the Alice + Ames brand directly on the Alice and Ames website.

But if you love the brand and finding rarer (discontinued) prints or styles, or finding a good deal, there are plenty of opportunities to find Alice + Ames in the wild.

You can find Alice and Ames dresses and rompers, in any condition ranging from Play to NWT, on resale sites like Poshmark, Kidizen, or Mercari.

Additionally, on Facebook you’ll find plenty of BST or Buy Sale Trade groups where you can purchase Alice + Ames clothing in all conditions, from like new condition to well-loved and faded.

Is Alice + Ames Worth the Price?

For me, the answer is a resounding yes: Alice + Ames is worth the price. Especially if you’re a parent who values quality or quantity. Sometimes it feels good to snag a $4.80 dress, on clearance or just priced super-low at a discount retailer. But Alice + Ames pieces are built to be worn and loved, and re-worn and re-loved, again and again with quality you just can’t get for a $4.80 price tag.

Yes, the Alice + Ames brand is priced quite a bit higher than what you’ll find at SHEIN, Target, or Walmart. But Alice + Ames is a higher-end brand that uses premium fabric and materials, and their garments are made in the USA.

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Most of their garments are priced from $32 to $42, which is a steal for made in the USA.  And an Alice + Ames garment can easily last 3-4x longer, or more, than any fast fashion brand clothing. As a testament to Alice and Ames quality, and perhaps justification to its higher pricing, you can see used Alice + Ames clothing regularly sold for $25-$35, or more, on resale sites and apps.

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Does Alice and Ames Clothing Run Big or Small?

The answer is Alice + Ames tends to run small. I say this because half of the moms I talk to claim it runs true to size, half the moms I talk to say it runs small and it’s always safer to err on the size of what you know your kid will be able to wear – now or at some point in the near future.

And in my personal experience, the brand runs small. If you try the Alice & Ames brand and believe it runs true to size, it won’t have hurt you to have sized up. Kids never shrink; they only grow. The fabric composition is mainly cotton with a little bit of Lycra or other stretchy fabric. Right now, my daughter wears size 3T and size 4T Alice & Ames dresses and once they are on her I can’t always tell which size is which.

Where is Alice + Ames Made?

Alice and Ames is a family brand made right here in the United States. Founders Stacie and Geoff Land have been taking the toddler world by storm since they launched the brand in 2015. 

Originally wedding photographers, the duo started their brand after having their third child and realizing that there was a lack of clothing on the market that both children and parents love. 

Today, Stacie and Geoff manage the brand’s social media and marketing. Garments are produced and shipped from factories and distribution centers near their home in Arizona.

Where Can I Find Alice & Ames Coupon Codes and Other Savings?

To keep up with deals sponsored by Alice and Ames, customers can join their email list to follow the latest sales, coupons, and promos. 

Right now, you can save 10% when you sign up for their new customer email list. And with this referral link, you can get $15 off at Alice + Ames. Provide your email, and you’ll get a unique Alice and Ames coupon code that you can use to get $15 off.

Additionally, on national deals and coupon sites like Swagbucks, many shoppers share promo codes or referral codes when available.

IS Alice and Ames Resale good?

Alice and Ames has excellent resale value. On average you can get 56% resale value for Alice and Ames dresses and garments in GUC or better.

Last summer, I did an in-depth study of the resale value of Alice and Ames (along with other popular, premium kids’ brands) on resale sites. The resale value of Alice and Ames is definitely comparable to other premium labels like Jamie Kay, Childhoods Clothing, and Rylee + Cru.

When Is there an Alice and Ames Warehouse Sale?

Alice and Ames holds annual warehouse sales at its Mesa, AZ warehouse. In the past, these have been 3-hour events advertised to the general public on Facebook or via email newsletter. Pricing is 40% off and better and it’s first come, first serve.

IS There an Alice and Ames Black Friday Sale?

Yes, Alice and Ames holds annual Black Friday sale. It generally starts a few days or so before Thanksgiving and runs through Cyber Monday. Over the past few years, the entire site has been discounted up to 40% off.

For Alice and Ames Black Friday 2021, the entire site was 30% to 40% off with no promo code needed.

Shoppers were able to get the sales prices and save an additional $15 off with my referral link to Alice and Ames. You can save $15 off on your Alice & Ames purchase all year-round. (Otherwise the discount for new email signups is 10% off.

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Where Can I Buy and Sell Used Alice and Ames Clothing?

As mentioned earlier, Alice + Ames is a brand that holds its resale value well and there are plenty of places to buy and sell used Alice and Ames clothing.  

A listing for a used Alice + Ames dress selling for $30 in a Facebook Buy Sell Trade group. In the comment threads for this listing, you can see that a buyer claimed and bought this dress, used, for $30.

You can occasionally score big and find Alice + Ames at a garage sale or Once Upon A Child store for cheap – $14 or less. But in my past three years of diligent thrifting, I think I’ve stumbled upon Alice + Ames garments once at all of the rummage sales and consignment stores I’ve frequented.

A better place to buy and sell used Alice and Ames clothing is a Facebook Buy Sell Trade group, or a resale app or website like Poshmark, Kidizen, or Mercari. There are other clothing resale apps I do like, including thredUP or Swoondle Society, however I find that these sites are very light on designer or boutique kid’s brands.

If you’re new to these resale apps, you can get a promo code or discount as a new customer.

Promo Codes for Mercari, Kidizen, and Poshmark

  • Sign up for Mercari with this referral link, get $30 free. You’ll get $10 off your first purchase. And you’ll get $20 off any Mercari purchase after you’ve sold your first $100 on their marketplace. This site is the easiest one to create listings and lowest in seller fees (commissions).
  • Join Kidizen with this referral link, get $5 off your first purchase. Minnesota based Kidizen has the largest selection of children’s clothing brands, and also toys, books, baby gear, and and mama size clothing. There is no easy way to make an offer. (There’s no functionality to click and submit an offer. You have to direct message the seller and wait for a response.) If you sell on here, a big plus is there’s an option for your listings to also be shared on Facebook Marketplace where you can reach a broader audience.
  • Join Poshmark with this referral link, get $10 off your first purchase. Poshmark has a huge selection of clothes and accessories for tons of brands, but you’ll find that Kidizen has a much larger selection of kids clothes and kids brands. The seller fees (commissions to Poshmark) are a bit steep. And if you’re a buyer on Poshmark, you pay the shipping which is set at a flat rate fee. Currently that amount is set at $7.45 (ouch). But you have more flexibility in terms of haggling with the seller to get a good deal. You can ask make offers at 30% off or more – on Mercari you can’t make offers that go below 20% off list price.

There are different buyers and different sellers on all of these apps. Plenty of sellers sell on two or more of them, or even on other sites too like thredUP and eBay. And as a buyer, if you’re looking for good deals it’s worth your time to hit up all of these sites. You can create alerts for when specific brands or items you want get listed.

Where Can I Find Alice and Ames Herbal Study Print Dresses and Jumpsuits? 

This popular print is occasionally restocked on Right now, for example, you can buy Herbal Study Print garments directly on Alice + Ames. Both the short sleeve ballet dress and long sleeve ballet dress are available in this popular print. 

But if you’re looking for a long sleeve Herbal Study Print dress or Herbal Study Print romper, you’ll need to check websites like Poshmark or Mercari. Facebook resale groups, like Alice + Ames Lovers BST, are also a good bet.  Members can post “In Search of” (ISO) posts to look for particular styles or sizes.  

What is the Alice and Ames Return Policy?

Items purchased directly from Alice and Ames can be returned within 30 days of purchase. The item will be refunded 48 hours from the time the return is received by the company. Items marked final sale are not refundable, but due to popularity, are easily resold on resale sites and BST groups.

Final Thoughts on Alice and Ames

Founded in 2015, Alice and Ames is a relatively new brand that has gained speed in the last few years for their relatability, durability, and stylish patterns. 

The brand strives to make soft, durable, clothes that are thoughtfully adorable and functional. Since opening, Alice and Ames has become known for their girl’s simple twirl cotton dresses, featured on their social media pages and their website.

Though Alice + Ames currently market their products to toddlers and young girls, the founders hope to continue to grow their brand to market to younger children and infants as well.

I do wish that the brand offered some of their ballet twirl dresses and wide pant rompers in mommy sizes. I’d love to coordinate (not match) with my daughter in complementary prints and colors. 

If you’re looking to break into the brand for your kiddo size 2T to 10, it’s worth the $35+ investment on Or hit up a resale site.  SAVE $15 off $50+ Purchase at Alice and Ames.

Fueling my coffee runs, this post may contain affiliate links. I stand behind products I recommend.