Discovering Quincy Mae: Ways to save money on Quincy Mae and all about the brand

Quincy Mae

Quincy Mae is a beloved clothing brand for babies and young children. Quincy Mae features all-organic clothing that is thick, soft, and thoughtfully constructed. Quincy Mae clothing is heirloom quality that will survive loads of washing and can be passed down to young siblings and beyond.

My youngest child (now a little over a year old) came home from the hospital in Quincy Mae, so the brand holds a soft spot in my heart. (It was a secondhand, 3-piece layette set that I found at a local consignment store.) And while I don’t save most of their outgrown garments, that three-piece number is staying.

What is Quincy Mae?

Quincy Mae is a collection of beautiful, organic baby clothes and toddler clothes in earthy colors. The brand is known for using velvety soft fabrics (made of jersey, cotton, fleece, gauze) and minimal print patterns. You won’t find skateboarding giraffes or dinosaurs on Quincy Mae prints. Quincy Mae clothing features colors, patterns, and textures that moms would want to wear themselves.

The Quincy Mae line is filled with easy-to-wear silhouettes and everyday basics that make dressing your baby and little ones simple and convenient. There are thoughtfully placed snaps and zippers and wrap top items. Fleecy jersey and cotton tops and dresses are super-stretchy to easily maneuver or little heads and hands and chubby fingers.

Not only is Quincy Mae clothing beautiful to look at and super-soft, Quincy Mae is made of all certified organic cotton. Moms love dressing their littles in Quincy Mae, knowing it’s safe of harsh chemicals and dyes. And Infants and young children how comfy they feel.

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Is Quincy Mae the Same Thing as Rylee + Cru?

Quincy Mae is a sister brand to Rylee + Cru. Rylee + Cru introduced us to their ‘sister’ brand in September 2018. Quincy Mae has the same minimalist features and approach to design as Rylee + Cru, but caters to infants and toddlers with many basic baby staples.

Founder Kelli Murray (also a designer and illustrator) was inspired to create the brand with the birth of her third baby, Quincy. She saw the need for a true baby basic apparel and accessory line that used certified organic cotton, beautiful colors palettes, minimal patterns, and velvety soft materials.

Is Quincy Mae organic?

Yes, Quincy Mae uses only certified organic cotton. Quincy Mae clothing is ethically made and beautiful, perfect for the fair-trade minded consumer.

Does Quincy Mae run true to size?

Quincy Mae runs true to size with room to grow. The sizing is generous to maximize the wear your little can get out of their Quincy Mae clothing.

Is Quincy Mae good quality?

Quincy Mae is absolutely fantastic quality with attention paid to the little details: brushed jersey fabrics, high-quality wood buttons and finishes, and high-end certified organic cotton fabrics.

As with most high-end, ethically made brands, Quincy Mae clothing is built to last. Garments are carefully crafted to stand the test of time, withstanding lots of (heavy-handed) tugs at buttons, snaps, and zippers and endless loads through the washer.

Because of their exceptional quality (and gender neutral earth-toned colors and prints), Quincy Mae garments can be easily passed down to younger siblings. Additionally, Quincy Mae garments are commonly resold in used clothing apps and resale groups on Facebook.

Quincy Mae is an especially coveted brand among re-sale groups and secondhand clothing enthusiasts, a testament to the brand’s quality.

Where is Quincy Mae clothing made?

Quincy Mae clothing is designed in the United States and manufactured in China. Many organic, luxury and prestige brands, like Frugi, Patagonia, Mini Rodini, and Louis Vuitton, manufacture in China. Quincy Mae scrupulously selects its production partners, worth only with factories that have the highest of marks for fair working conditions, high wages, and a commitment to both environmental ethics and social responsibility.

(Why is) Is Quincy MAe (s0) Expensive?

Quincy Mae is more expensive than mass-market or fast fashion brands like Old Navy, Carter’s, or Gap. Quincy Mae clothing is organically and ethically made, and this is reflected in its price-tag. However, Quincy Mae does have many affordable, less expensive pieces.

Saving Money at Quincy Mae

  • Quincy Mae separates (like long-sleeve tops and pants) start at $22. They’ll last 3-4x longer than Old Navy or Jumping Beans (Kohl’s house label), and you can shop Black Friday, sales, or end-of-season clearances to find Quincy Mae garments for $15 or less.
  • Quincy Mae bloomers and bummies start at $18 full price, and I’ve found them for around $10 or less during sales events on Quincy Mae and other online boutiques.
  • Find secondhand Quincy Mae garments for $10 to $20, or less, in Facebook resale groups and used clothing sites like Mercari or Kidizen. Poshmark carries some Quincy Mae, too. You’ll find fewer pieces on Poshmark, but a cheaper prices (usually) if you do score.
  • Ask for Quincy Mae clothing for your baby registry or baby gifts and get it for free. It’s easier than you think to get free high-end kids’ clothing.

As far as organic, ethically made children’s brands, Quincy Mae is actually relatively cheap. If you can buy a zipper-down one-piece pajama for $38 and it survives heavy usage from 2 kids before you resell it for $15, in the end, that $38 one-piece was a bargain.

Buying a Quincy Mae garment is for those with a less is more mindset. Buy fewer garments that are higher-quality and built to last. Because really, almost every household with a baby winds up with more baby clothing than they need or want.

Parents buy, or receive, multi-packs of onesies only to end up using one. Or none at all. They wind up being consigned for 15-cents on the re-sale dollar at Once Upon A Child stores, or donated to thrift stores like Goodwill. But not before eating up a ton of storage space and causing clutter-induced anxiety.

A better solution is to have a one-third as many garments – at triple the quality.

Where is there a Quincy Mae sale?

While a Quincy Mae sale is not as common as a Macy’s or Carter’s sale, Quincy Mae does hold major sales events around major U.S. shopping holidays like Black Friday, Memorial Day, and Labor Day. The Quincy Mae Black Friday sale is an especially generous event, with the brand offering regularly offering 25% off sitewide discounts.

Additionally, you can save $10 off your first purchase with this Quincy Mae referral link. The retailer does offer 10% off your first purchase at when you sign up for their email newsletter. If you plan on spending $ 101 or more, signing up for their newsletter is the better deal. If you are spending $99 or less, the $10 Quincy Mae discount offers more savings.

How do I find a promo code or discount code for Quincy Mae?

Finding a discount code for Quincy Mae can be a little bit trickier than with other brands, but discount codes do exist.

  • Save $10 off your first purchase to Quincy Mae with this Quincy Mae referral link.
  • When you provide your email, a unique Quincy Mae promo code will be generated.
  • Save 10% of your first purchase to if sign up for the Quincy Mae newsletter. (This is a good deal if you are spending $101 or more on the site.)
  • During major holiday events, Quincy Mae will have special promo codes you can redeem. These are completely open to the public – they are visibly displayed on the website, and often they are automatically applied to your purchase.
  • You may be able to find a promo code or sale at a boutique that carries the brand, like Milk+Bots. Milk+Bots offers a new customer discount, offer Black Friday deals, and has been known to run sales of up to 30% off their Quincy Mae collection.

Unlike other brands like Carter’s or Old Navy, you will not find cash back rebates or additional promo codes for this retailer on deals sites like Honey or Swagbucks. Quincy Mae is just a more niche brand that promotes purchasing fewer, high-quality pieces instead of a high-quality of cheaply made garments.

What are the Quincy Mae reviews from real moms?

Moms love the quality of Quincy Mae. In fact, before ever trying the brand I heard rave reviews from moms in a number of online mom groups that I belong to.

On online boutiques like OhBaby, you’ll find top reviews for the Quincy Mae brand. When it comes to Quincy Mae, Moms appreciate its unique qualities.

What Makes Quincy Mae Special

  • Subtle prints that are floral, geometric, or nature-inspired.
  • Earth-toned color palettes: Quincy Mae uses colors like clay, honey, wheat, and seafoam
  • Simplistic design.
  • Easy, timeless (yet modern) silhouettes for easy dressing and undressing
  • Gender neutral – most pieces are considered “gender neutral”
  • Buttery soft fabrics that fit well – it’s like dressing your kids in super-soft velvet.
  • Styles and cuts that any mom would want to wear on herself.
  • All items are ethically made out of organic cotton.
  • Heirloom quality – Quincy Mae lasts forever.

On that last point, the brand has not been around long enough to stand the test of eternity. But as a mom who loves the brand, I can tell that you Quincy Mae is sturdy. I tug hard at buttons and snaps and zips and Quincy Mae stays intact. Quincy Mae has survived my husband’s hot-water washings (and, gulp, hot dryer cycles) and the fabric stretches easily over large heads and chubby appendages.

What is Q by Quincy Mae?

Q by Quincy Mae is an exclusive line of Quincy Mae clothes that’s created for, and sold exclusively at, Target. Just like the regular Quincy Mae label, Q by Quincy Mae is a line of stylish, simple, baby basics in velvety soft fabrics and minimal prints. The Q by Quincy Mae label is also made of all organic cotton.

Q by Quincy Mae is sold at a cheaper price point. The quality is not the same as the regular Quincy Mae label. While some moms find the quality difference quite irksome, some say the difference isn’t that noticeable.

The Q by Quincy Mae collection is also smaller and more limited than what you’ll find in the regular Quincy Mae line.

Where can I buy Quincy Mae?

Quincy Mae clothing is sold directly to consumers at You can also shop the Quincy Mae line at retailers who sell the brand, like Taylor and Max, Spearmint Love, Maisonette, Milk+bots, Oh Baby Style, Bohemian Mamas, and many other fine boutiques that specialize in carrying organic or heirloom quality baby and kids’ clothing brands.

Does Quincy Mae have a Black Friday sale?

Yes, Quincy Mae does hold a Black Friday sale. In past years, the retailer has held 25% off savings sitewide. For Black Friday this year, we expect Quincy Mae to offer similar discounts.