Rylee and Cru Promo Codes and Sales: All About the Brand & How to Find the Best Deals

Rylee and Cru

Rylee + Cru, referred to as Rylee and Cru or Rylee Cru,  is a unique and artistic clothing line for babies, children, and moms.

Rylee and Cru is popular among trendy moms and cottagecore moms everywhere. The imaginative label with a soft vintage feel is one of the most in-demand brands you’ll find. Rylee + Cru is popular in high-end boutiques, in clothing resale groups on Facebook, and on clothing re-sale sites like Poshmark, Mercari.

Find out more about this beloved kids’ clothing brand: what Rylee and Cru is known for, where to buy it, and how to save money on Rylee and Cru with discount codes, sales, clearance events, and re-sale deals sites. 

Rylee and Cru is the It Brand for the modern child. It’s all about playful prints and muted colors with a soft vintage twist.

What is Rylee and Cru?

Rylee and Cru is an artistic and imaginative line of modern clothing for little ones and women. The founder, Kelly Murray, is a designer and illustrator. That artistry shines through in the brand’s patterns and prints. 

The brand has a decidedly cottagecore (prairie feel) with fun, modern twists in its prints and hand drawn illustrations. The hip yet whimsical feel of Rylee and Cru makes for a brand that works in both meadow and farm settings or urban ones, too. Contemporary bohemian and playful are other adjectives that describe the Rylee + Cru brand quite well.

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Where can I get a Rylee and Cru promo code or discount code?

You can get a Rylee and Cru promo code through this referral link. Provide your email address to sign up for the Rylee + Cru newsletter, and a discount code to save $15 at Rylee and Cru will be generated.

Throughout the year, there are various sales events. There is a Rylee and Cru Black Friday sale every year. In recent years, the Rylee + Cru Black Friday promotion has been 30% off sitewide.

Who started Rylee and Cru?

Kelli Murray, a talented designer and illustrator and mom of three, founded Rylee + Cru. She created the brand when wanting clothing for her children that fit her own design aesthetic. Murray was drawn to simple, innocent illustrations that felt whimsical and sweet, as well as a more muted and earthy color palette inspired by nature. These design sensibilities are perfectly reflected in the Rylee + Cru clothing brand.

When did Rylee and Cru start?

The Rylee + Cru clothing brand was launched by founder and mom, Kelli Murray, in 2014.  From the start, Rylee and Cru has been a family business. Murray’s father handled the sales, Murray handled the design, and Murray’s three children served as the brand’s design muses.

From the start, Rylee and Cru really “took” off with shoppers. The label offered something new for moms who weren’t fans of bright, primary color palettes or typical, busy kids’ prints. Rylee and Cru garments feature prints, colors, and styles that moms would also love to wear. In fact, Rylee + Cru also carries women’s styles and sizes.

Where is Rylee and Cru based?

Rylee + Cru is based in the United States. It’s an American company founded by artist and designer mom, Kelli Murray. All Rylee and Cru clothing is designed in the U.S. and ethically manufactured in China. All factories are rigorously scrutinized and must commit to fair wages and safe working conditions. All factories are WRAP certified, which guarantees products are ethically and safely made in a socially and environmentally responsible  manner.


What does the name Rylee mean?

The Rylee in Rylee and Cru is the founder’s daughter and oldest child, Rylee. Cru is the designer’s second and middle child, her son cru. Founder Kelli Murray’s third and youngest child isn’t left out. The children and baby brand Quincy Mae is named for Murray’s youngest child, daughter Quincy Mae.

Quincy Mae focuses more on basic baby staples: onesies, tops, bottoms, skirts, and layette.


Does Rylee and Cru run big?

Rylee and Cru runs generous to extremely big. Garments are designed to fit looser, but I’ve found that I can go a whole size up in the brand with my two kiddos (ages 3 and 1) and there’s still ample room to spare. And my kids are at the 85th and 95th percentile for height.

Rompers run especially ginormous for Rylee and Cru. When my son, 95th percentile for size, was 12 months old he could fit Rylee and Cru rompers that were size 3-6 months.

I would recommend buying one size down for Rylee + Cru — especially when buying rompers.


Rylee and Cru brings something unique, joyful, and whimsical to the market of children’s clothing. The brand feels like the perfect blend of mid-century cool, bohemian, prairie, vintage modern, and joyful nostalgia.

Loose navy twill trousers, rust and cream grid tops, tiered dresses built for twirling, and playful prints like hand-drawn Rylee and Cru bears are all signatures of this label. Muted color palettes, loose cuts and flowing materials, and unique prints are also beloved characteristics of the brand.

Rylee and Cru clothing is thoughtfully and ethically designed and produced, and extremely versatile. Wear Rylee and Cru at the grocery store, playground, or a family holiday; it goes with every sort of outing or occasion and looks perfectly in-place. And Rylee + Cru clothing is built kid-tough. It can survive the heaving play-wear of multiple siblings as it gets passed down through the ranks.

Is Rylee and Cru worth the price?

At a $35 to $70 price range for most garments, Rylee and Cru is not for everyone. The brand is on the relatively spendy side. Rylee and Cru is worth the price if you get a lot of wear out of the garment.

If you buy a $52 mushroom print that your daughter wears two to three times, before you try to recoup your money in a Buy Sell Trade group on Facebook, I don’t think it’s worth it. Even if you “get back” your $52, there’s a lot of effort you’ll need to put in listing the item, collecting payment, and shipping it. And you really didn’t get a full chance to enjoy and appreciate the dress.

But if you buy a $52 Rylee and Cru dress and your daughter wears it several times a month over a year, and then passes it onto a sibling who also gets to wear and enjoy the garment, then I think it’s definitely worth it. Rylee and Cru garments are so well-constructed that 1 item can withstand the wear of 3 similar garments you’d find at Target. (Nothing but love for you Target, we’ve got some favorite Cat & Jack pieces in our home.)

And after both your kids are done wearing that dress, you can sell it for $2o online. And at $20, you’re pricing it to sell quickly and with very minimal effort. Which means for a total cost to you of $32, you got a dress that two children got loads of wear out of which is not a bad price.

In order to be able to afford one Rylee and Cru garment, you’ll need to eschew buying 3 to 4 pieces from a cheaper clothing brand. Rylee and Cru is about quality over quantity, and being selective about the clothing you purchase and caring for those garments thoughtfully.

When can you find a Rylee and Cru sale?

Rylee and Cru has periodic sales events throughout the year that coincide with major shopping holidays and events like Memorial Day or Back to School. And, the Rylee and Cru Black Friday deals are especially generous. You can find sitewide savings of 30% off.

You can also save $15 off your first purchase at Rylee and Cru through this referral link.

When does Rylee and Cru go on clearance?

Rylee and Cru clearance markdowns tend to be seasonally driven. Find summer markdowns in fall and winter, or winter markdowns in spring and summer.

You can find Rylee and Cru clearance on RyleeandCru.com, or on other retailers that carry the brand. For example, I’ve found Rylee + Cru clearance on Milk+Bots for under $30 and Milkbots also offers a new customer discount of $15 off your first order.


Is there a Rylee and Cru sample sale?

Rylee and Cru does periodically host sample sales or warehouse sales that they will publicize on eventbrite and similar sites.  These events take place at the Rylee and Cru warehouse in San Diego, California. In the past, these sales have featured deals of up to 50% off past season styles.

Where is Rylee and Cru made?

Rylee and Cru is ethically manufactured in China in WRAP certified factories. This means all factories are regularly and continually scrutinized for safety, fair wages and working conditions, and production of garments in an ethically and environmentally safe and sustainable manner.

All Rylee and Cru clothing is designed in the U.S., in the San Diego area.


Where can you buy Rylee and Cru?

You can buy Rylee and Cru online or in-store.

Shop Rylee and Cru Online

Shop at RyleeandCru.com, or at one of many stockists that carries the Rylee and Cru label.

Shop Rylee and Cru In Store

Many independent shops and boutiques carry Rylee and Cru, giving you the change to shop the Rylee + Cru brand in-store.

On the Rylee and Cru website, use the store locator tool to identify stores in your area that carry Rylee and Cru.


What are shops like Rylee and Cru?

There are other shops and shop labels that are similar to Rylee and Cru, both in aesthetic style and high-quality standards.

Boutique Brands Similar to Rylee and Cru

These boutique or high-end brands provide heirloom-quality garments that capture the whimsical side of childhood. They evoke images of bucolic farm life, camping in the woods, or day trips out in the wilderness. They also “fit” in at-home settings.

Among these boutique brands, Fin and Vince, Emile et Ida, Red Caribou, and Sproet and Sprout also produce clothing with similar playful, hand illustrated prints and designs.

I’ve purchased several Fin and Vince garments for my kids and me – knit rompers, knit shorts and tops, sweatshirts, T-shirts, and shorts, and been impressed with the soft, thick fabrics. I wore a short-sleeve T-shirt I got for myself for several days straight, under cardigans and sweaters, before running it through the wash.

Affordable Brands Similar to Rylee and Cru

There are mass market brands that carry some styles and garments similar to the look and feel of Rylee and Cru clothing. 

You can find H&M sustainable clothing – in organic cotton and wool – at affordable price points.  Little Co. by Lauren Conrad is carried at Kohl’s, and has made Kohl’s shoppers out of unlikely moms. You can shop the collection online or in Kohl’s stores. In my local Kohl’s store, the brand sells quickly. I’ve never seen more than a few picked over garments, but there is a larger selection online.

Little Planet by Carter’s is perhaps the most surprising and most affordable alternative to Rylee and Cru. Little Planet features organic garments in soft cable knits, cottons, muslin, ribbed knits, thermal waffle knits, and gauze. 

Unlike the usual bright and playful prints and colors of Carter’s, Little Planet has a more muted, earthy color palette of forest green, robin’s egg, lilac, goldenrod, mushroom, taupe, mauve, indigo, and similar tones. Patterns are smaller and subtler, like pinecones, acorns, pine trees, or ditzy floral. 

Final Thoughts on Rylee + Cru 

Rylee and Cru is a spendier brand with an artistic and soft vintage feel, but worth the investment if you’re looking for something truly unique and your child can get a lot of wear out of the garment. 

I’m not a strict capsulista (sticking to the rules and rigors of an austere capsule wardrobe), but I do look for pieces that my children can wear at least 15 times. 

In a crowded fashion market, with new and trendy brands always coming out, this approach has helped us narrow down our choices. You wind up focusing on pieces that are versatile and multi-purpose for your lifestyle, and built to withstand heavy wearings and heavy washings. 

At our home, both mom and dad hate (refuse) ironing. So we’ve gravitated to easy-care Rylee + Cru pieces like jersey rompers, t-shirts, and knit-bloomers. 

If you’re on a tighter budget, waiting for Black Friday sales or end-of-season clearances may be the way to go. 

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