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Gender neutral clothing is “in”. It’s not just grays and whites (or pale yellows and greens).

  • Earth tones and muted color palettes are trendy, and are commonly worn by men and women.
  • Minimalist silhouettes and clean modern lines are popular and these cuts tend to be more gender neutral.
  • Athleisurewear and loungewear (beach hoodies and joggers) is still huge for toddlers and kids, and a lot of retailers selling these garments don’t even (need to) differentiate by gender. Parents will eagerly put color or print of Childhoods or Gus & Steel on their boys or girls.

Parents love gender neutral baby clothes

  • Parents are a big section of consumers who are revolting against the notion of “boy” colors or “girl” clothes.
  • Some retailers are even abolishing gender-specific clothing department designations.
  • Brands like Primary design everything to be unisex, and their ads show “boys” wearing fleece dresses and skirts.
  • Kids are claiming their own gender pronouns. A child born female at birth won’t necessarily identify as a girl.
  • Parents still love the thrill of “waiting to find out”, and they want lots of cute gender neutral options.

Gender Neutral Clothing is Easier to Pass Down

Any child can wear anything – any cut, any color, any print. But kids have specific ideas about “boy” clothes and “girl” clothes. Some girls want to specifically only wear “boy” clothes. Some boys may reject anything too “girly”. It’s a mixed bag. Keep things gender neutral, and there’s less drama when passing along hand-me-downs to younger siblings and family members.

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Gender Neutral Baby Clothes Sell Better

Secondhand gender neutral clothing sells better than gender-specific clothing – when it comes to babies and kids.

Buying and selling used clothing for kids is big business. For many moms, buying used clothes and consigning their kids’ used wears is more of a leisure-time activity than an exercise in frugality. Facebook has hundreds of buy sell trade (BST) groups where moms buy and sell used clothes.

BST groups are booming. Clothes are themed around different brands, price points, or aesthetics like cottagecore, Southern Cali, or loungewear.


15 Gender Neutral Baby Clothing and Children’s Clothing Brands to Know

Garment prices can vary greatly from brand to brand, or even within one brand. With Mini Rodini, for example, you can commonly find end of season markdowns for $15 to $25. But their brand new onesies go for $40+ and you can find kidswear north of $200.

Here’s a rough key to price markers:

  • $: Most items are $5 to $14
  • $$: Most items are $15 – $49
  • $$$: Most items are $50 – $99

1 | Little Bipsy | Price Range $$

Little Bipsy sells modern and comfortable clothes for little ones, focusing on high-quality materials. The style has a minimal, casual look with Pacific Northwest flair.

Shop Little Bipsy


2 | L’ovedbaby | Price Range: $$

L’ovedbaby is an ethical and sustainable clothing brand based in Southern California. L’ovedbaby sells super-soft clothing made of 100% organic cotton. Everything is heirloom quality and the brand has a cult-following. The earthy color palette (seafoam and sage) is popular with “boy moms” and “girl moms”.

Shop L’ovedbaby

3 | Carter’s | Price Range: $

Carter’s mean’s baby clothes – the Carter’s label is everywhere. (Read more: Why is Carter’s EVERYWHERE?) While they are known for selling cutesy, juvenile looks in gender-specific colors, Carter’s sells a lot of gender neutral baby clothes too. You can find a lot of newborn and baby clothes in creams, whites, grays, yellows, and greens. And Carter’s has an organic line, Little Planet, that sells soft muslins and cottons in muted color palettes.

Shop Carter’s


4 | Mini Rodini | Price Range: $$-$$$

Mini Rodini is a high-end baby and kids brand that sells ethical and sustainable clothes that are modern, playful, and a little bit cheeky. The hand-drawn prints are fun and colorful without appearing juvenile. People who like whimsy with a touch of quirk (vs cottagecore) love the brand. It’s spendy, but end-of-season markdowns are a great time to find deals.  (Like $42 sleepers instead of $70 sleepers. But you can re-sell that sleeper after for $30.) 

Shop Mini Rodini at Alex and Alexa, Farfetch, or BabyShop

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5 | Bobo Choses | Price Range: $$ – $$$

Bobo Choses is a playful and colorful Spanish brand. Its Mediterranean heritage is everywhere. It’s reflected in the textiles, cuts, patterns, and colors. It has a playful, joyful feel. Bobo Choses is spendy, but the brand is heirloom quality tough and built for kids (and washing machines) who play tough.

Shop Bobo Choses at Saks Fifth Avenue,, Maisonette, or Ssense

6 | Quincy Mae | Price Range: $$

Quincy Mae sells beautiful, organic baby basics in earthy solids and subtler prints. Walnut, pine, cream, and sage are common colors. The quality is fantastic, and the fabric has been described as “buttery soft”. 

Shop Quincy Mae

7 | Goumi Kids | Price Range: $$

Goumi Kids is high-quality organic apparel for babies and toddlers. The brand is especially popular for their mittens, booties, and rompers with fold-over mittens and booties. I’ve tried quite a few sleepers and rompers, and I think that Goumi has by far the softest and thickest (sturdiest) fabrics. They just feel rich and buttery. And the knees are reinforced for little crawlers. 

Shop Goumi Kids


8| Baby Mori | Price Range: $$

Baby mori sells ultra-soft, high-quality clothing for babies and kids that’s made out of organic cotton and soft-spun bamboo. Their garments come in solid muted colors, stripes, coral, and charcoal. 

Shop Baby Mori


9 | Colored Organics | Price Range: $$

Colored Organics sells super cozy organic baby and kids’ clothing, including sleepers, footies, pullovers, leggings, tops, bottoms, and t-shirts. The fabric is especially soft and thick. The color palate is earth toned (but full or rich hues and muted shades), and the prints are subtle and lovely.

Shop Colored Organics


10 | Burt’s Bees Baby | Price Range: $-$$

Burt’s Bees Baby is an affordable line of GOTS certified cotton baby clothes and baby essentials, like caps, bibs, gowns, and burp cloths. Many of their prints are gender neutral and they’re a popular brand to shop for gender neutral newborn clothes.  The brand has many artistic prints that are colorful and playful without being overly garish.

Shop Burt’s Bees Baby


11 | Tenth and Pine | Price Range: $$

Tenth and Pine sells graphic tees, gender neutral onesies, gowns, swaddles, top knots, and other nursery layette and unisex baby clothing. Their clothing is known for its typography logos and fun quotes and prints. They’re not cheap, but sales are frequent.

Shop Tenth and Pine


12 | Monica + Andy | Price Range: $ – $$

Monica + Andy sells “better organic baby clothing” that’s sustainably and ethically sourced. Their garments are playful and cozy, and better for babies and the planet.

Shop Monica and Andy

13 | Primary | Price Range: $ – $$

Primary baby clothes are all about brilliant basics. They sell soft simple clothes that kids and babies love to wear, garments without labels or slogans. Primary has a wide selection of gender neutral basics for babies, kids, and adults. Sales are frequent.

Shop Primary

14 | SHEIN Baby| Price Range: $

SHEIN baby is cute and affordable baby clothing. As a fast fashion brand, they have 1,000’s of baby garments and accessories available in all styles and sizes at any time. I don’t love fast fashion, but you can find on trend garments for $5 vs $55 there. I’ve bought there sparingly (read my review), and made sure that my kids actually wore the garments vs tossing them into a landfill of under-worn clothes. The quality is all over the place, but they do have lots of nice things. Make sure to read the reviews and look over the pictures carefully.

Shop Shein

15 | Lulu + Roo | Price Range: $$

When my youngest was an infant, Lulu + Roo was my absolute favorite. Lulu and Roo makes comfy and adorable clothing that babies and children love to wear – and never want to take off. The mix and match garments (like hoodies, rompers, shorties, rompers, and dresses) come in neutral tones with fun collection prints and flourishes.

Shop Lulu + Roo