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True Sentence no. 6: finding friends for your kids can make you look like a pedophile

With a 3-year-old and 1-year-old, I’m on continual lookout for neighbor-kid friends. All of our immediate neighbors have kids 1 to 2 decades older – definitely not prime friend age. So when I saw a little girl, about the same age as my 3 year-old-daughter, scootering past my driveway wearing a Mini Mouse helmet, I […]

How much are those used jogger’s really worth? the re-sale value of 6 popular high-end kid’s brands

On average, popular high-end kid’s brands have a 56% re-sale value. And the brand itself, and garment’s condition, may have a lot less impact on the re-sale value than you’d think.

Why “oooh-oooh-baby-spam-me-hard” is a bad choice for your email address (true sentence no. 5)

If you want a designated email address for your spam email messages, you should create a very vanilla handle like “Stacys-spam-messages” at your-preferred-email-provider-dot-com, Because if you create a snarky spam email account with an email address like “ooh baby spam me hard at gmail dot com”, You’ll use that email address to buy dad jeans […]

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