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Growing Up Asian in a White Family Does Not Prepare You for the Adult Realities of Racism (True Sentence No. 13)

I started this blog to just write. And feeling stuck, I decided to just write one true sentence a day. That’s an easy enough writing prompt, right? From there, the blog has morphed into a catch-all stream-of-consciousness dump for everything from kids’ clothing to vulgar passwords to Spotted Cow beer. But I want to restore […]

10 Unhelpful Ways Liberals React to My Recent Story of Racism (Your BLM Signs, in Metropolitan areas, Are Cute)

A handful of days ago, I wrote a blog post chronicling my run-in with racism in a small, rural town on Lake Superior in Wisconsin. My main takeaway was the posts’ eponymous title: You keep your Spotted Cow, I’ll keep my life. I shared the post on Instagram and Facebook (an online mom’s group, my […]

Trendy Toddler Clothes

My two littles are just shy of 4 and 2 years old. It’s a golden age for adorable, trendy toddler clothes. My kids will let me put them in anything, and it’s hard to say who’s a bigger fan of twirly dresses: my four-year-old daughter or me. While I frequently find hip, fashionable clothes at […]

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