10 Sophisticated Marijuana Gifts Martha Stewart Would Tell You to Buy for the Wealthy Stoner in Your Life

Updated November 5, 2021

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Marijuana is having its moment. For so long, it was seen as dangerous or taboo. Part of the seedy, drug-infested underground. Just ask anyone who’s ever graduated DARE (a program warning millions of schoolchildren about the dangers of marijuana) until the program was revamped and replaced by keep’in it REAL.

All jokes (and realities) aside, come on. Martha Stewart is even smoking weed now. Martha. Marijuana just isn’t for the Snoop Doggs and Seth Rogans. Classy people are openly indulging. Stoners have never been more stylish and sophisticated; the kind who jet-set in Aspen and the Hamptons and know that antique, summer, and winter are verbs, not nouns.

Just in time for the holidays, we’ve got some stone-approved gifts that the weed-lovers in your life will love. Find marijuana gifts for dad or for mom, or special marijuana gifts for your bae.

With Martha Stewart aplomb, here are the 10 best stoner gifts for the marijuana aficionados in your life. These cultured and elegant gifts for stoners are to sure to please even the pickiest and most discerning pothead you know.

1 A Coffee grinder: grind your morning joint and your morning coffee

A sleek, stainless steel Cuisinart coffee blender is the perfect gift for the favorite stoner in your life. Rich friends have multiple homes, and need a bean-nut grinder for everyone.

A coffee grinder is efficient, reliable, and innocuous. With its inoffensive looks, this grinder can take pride of place on any open shelf in the kitchen. And its sharp, metal cut give you a perfect cut each time.

And while an adept and elegant pothead can cut up weed with a pair of scissor inside of a small tumbler or shot glass, that takes an eternity – comparatively speaking. What could be mored delightfully thoughtful than this time-saving, multi-purpose, weed-grinding gift?

2 A sleek, smooth marble tray

For some, rolling a joint is an annoyance. (“Here, Paul. You do it.”) For others, it is an art. And if a pothead you know views joint-rolling as more annoyance than art, they definitely need a beautiful marble tray. Elegant and smooth and cool to the touch. Like a grinder, a marble rolling tray is a lovely and discrete decorative object. But it also provides the perfect surface to roll the perfect joint. Etsy features a number of bespoke rolling tray options starting at $22 – $30.

3 CBD joints that look like cigarettes

Dad Grass’s CBD joints can gives the indulger the relaxed feeling of marijuana without any of the high. Discretely take off the edge with a pre-rolled pack of joints in a cigarette-style box. And in addition to Dad Packs of Grass CBD’s, you can find Mom Packs of Grass CBG joints. Packs on Dad Grass start at just $35 and Parent Packs starting at $65. You can get $10 off your first purchase with this Dad Grass referral link.

4 A high-end, cannabis eau de parfum fragrance

Cannabis-scented fragrance is a peculiar delight not to be missed. I’m not eluding to the stench of weed that wafts out of car windows and bus shelters. Classy, cannabis-scented fragrances can have crisp citrus notes or rich, velvet notes.

The Cannabis Santal Eau de Parfum spray “fresh” is a classic scent. It’s a sensual, masculine blend of dark plum mingled with notes of patchouli, magnolia, chocolate, vanilla musk, and vetiver. (Vetiver is a dry, woody scent like uncut grass on warm sunny day.)

And while this is branded as a fragrance for men, a number of women say this scent also works for women. Reviews call this eau de parfum “sexy yet fresh” and “spicy, earthy, and a little sweet”.

5 A gorgeous baccarat volute crystal bowl made in france

Made in France and sold at Bergdorf Goodman, this elegant small crystal bowl is perfectly suited to hold jewelry, cuff links, keepsakes, or flecks of your friend’s mid-day reefer. Originally intended as an ashtray, it is branded as a Volute small dish for the American market.

Delicate and lovely, this Baccarat brand ash tray adds a touch of gravitas any pot-swirled soirée.

6 A beautiful pipe keychain

Although marijuana is more admissible in polite society, that doesn’t mean you always want to flaunt your indulgence. Think of the airport. No one’s puritanically anti-sex, yet it seems less than civilized to unload a strip of condoms or well-loved vibrator into a sad, grey TSA bin. (Unless, of course, you’re Ms. Katie Thurston, from season 25 of The Bachelor, and also this season 17’s Bachelorette.) There are times when your pal doesn’t want to haul around a bong in her Birkin. A small pipe keychain is bit daintier and less conspicuous option, likes this gold pipe keychain from India Creations for only $69.

7 Rolling papers of 24K gold

Sometimes your friend needs a celebratory joint, and ordinary thin sheet of white paper won’t do. Shine Rolling Papers sells just the thing. The company lays claim to inventing the world’s first ever smokable, 24-karat gold rolling paper. A stunning, head-turning gift, the rolling papers burn a slow, luminescent golden glow.

8 An herb infuser

An herb infuser, like the Levo II, is perfect for your foodie, teahead friend. The Levo II is for the serious gourmet who knows good weed. Like your pal who owns a chrome espresso machine from Italy and bakes their pot brownies in thousand-dollar Duparquet pans. A high-end herbal infuser will take their morning wake and bake to the next level. Pricing for the Levo starts at $290 and it comes in a range of tasteful color options.

9 Cannabis ritual leather accessory case gift set

The Rogue Paq Mini Ritual Case Leather Accessory Gift Set, priced at $159, just oozes class. It’s sleek, elegant, and classy — and it tops the 2020 wish list of etiquette guru Lizzie Post, great-grandaughter of manners maven, Emily Post. Is there any greater confirmation of the pothead’s open acceptance into polite society than this debutante’s seal of approval?

And as the Rogue Paq states, “the gift of ritual is priceless”. Impeccably well-made, the gift will last a lifetime. The case is made buttery and supple soft lambskin and comes with a black lizard skin refillable lighter and gold-toned, crane head trimming scissors. Every time your pothead pal rolls a joint, they’ll think of you.

10 Bong Appétit Cookbook

Stoners gotta eat. Bong Appétit features 65 upscale cannabinoid recipes, featuring everything from hors d’oeuvres to sweet and savory fare to some truly over-the-top cocktails. This cookbook proves that weed can be a culinary indulgence for even the most sophisticated of palates. And as the Amazon description boasts, Bong Appétit is the “Joy of Cooking for a new generation interested in making serious, sophisticated food” with weed. Only $26.49 on Amazon, this artsy looking cookbook can do double duty as a coffee table curiosity.

Closing Words

Your sophisticated stoner friends deserve nothing but the finest in weed themed gifts. Why should your friend, perched in a Perigold leather armchair, roll their joint atop a phonebook or light up with a Bic? The best gifts are thoughtful, personal, and gracious. Anyone can gift a scented candle or a bottle of wine. But a classy, marijuana-themed yet multipurpose gift, that says “I know you’re a stoner” without saying “I know you’re a stoner”? True bliss.