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I just realized I lost our Elf on the Shelf Harry (True Sentence 24)

I tripped over the book about Elf on the Shelf (Harry’s origin story) this morning. I was picking up Henry’s bedroom. The kids are fascinated with the elf. Too bad I just realized that I lost it. I put it someplace so safe that even I can’t find it. At least I have a couple […]

I’m Wearing a Dress 100 Days in a Row

Trying to be more sustainable and push myself, I’m doing the 100 day dress challenge. Every day for 100 days straight I’m going to wear the same Wool& brand wool dress. I’ve started talking about trying to consume fashion a little more sustainably in my other blog House of Henmar. The challenge is about encouraging […]

“That’s Illegal! You’re Illegal!”

True Sentence No. 21: To the woman who screamed at me “That’s illegal! You’re illegal!” because you thought I was deliberately not-stopping for you and your young son at a crosswalk (we misunderstood each other’s intentions; I thought you were deliberately waiting because I teach my kids we wait for the cars to pass at crosswalks): […]

Mulberry Stains Are True Love (True Sentence No. 20)

Mulberries are a deep, purple-black color when they ripen. Small and firm looking — not unlike blackberries — but they are far more pulpous. Last night, we picked mulberries off the backyard tree branches. It’s a bit hard, since they drop so easily. You have to keep a close eye. One pinkie tap of a […]

Keeping it Bottled Up (True Sentence no. 20)

I am looking for the merits of keeping it all bottled up so as not to ‘offend’ people who don’t even like me anyway. They don’t like me any more for keeping it all bottled up, and I like myself decidedly less. True Sentence No. 20: I’m done keeping it all bottled up inside so […]

I Need to Find My “Egyptian Pyramids” (True Sentence No. 20)

Today, my hips did not hurt. I went to a 4th of July BBQ. I frolicked with my kids. I tried a zip line swing. But I still heard the bone-on-bone cracking when I got back home and changed. Later this evening, I overheard Margot telling Henry, “Mom can’t play that with us. Her hips […]

Green Day Sing-Narrates Summertime Mom Woes. (Cracker crumbs and carpool lanes and lazy suitcase packers, oh my!)

True Sentence No. 17 I stumbled upon this video online. Summertime mom woes, narrated by Green Day. To the tune of all their classic songs, of course. Of course it’s obnoxious. Rushing to back-to-back carpool lanes and kids leaving cracker crumbs all over the pantry (probably recently remodeled). And it’s irksome when kids can’t pack […]


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