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I Signed Up for Uber Eats to Get a Free $200 Cash Bonus: Here’s What Happened

I signed up for Uber Eats to get a free $200 cash bonus. There was a promotion, through Swagbucks, to get $200 free when you signed up as a new Uber Eats driver and made just 1 delivery. (That promotion is still going live. Find details in article on how to sign up.) My family […]

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7 Ways to Get Backlinks for Your Website

You know it and I know it: Google and other search engines like backlinks. They love them in fact. When you’ve got backlinks, other websites linking to your pages, it’s like screaming at the search engines: Rank me! People love my content. It’s popular and useful. Especially when the backlinks are high quality backlinks coming […]

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So you’ve got a blog. Maybe it’s for your business, as a way to increase your presence in Google so people can discover your company and become customers. Or maybe it’s a passion-project blog, where you write blog content about issues you’re really passionate about – like politics, fly fishing lures, or your favorite Alice […]

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Ungathered for Christmas

The Most Magical Hype of the Year Christmas is magical when you’re a small child, and at some point it transforms from being a season of sheer delight into a season of hype. All the anticipation, then dashed expectations. Maybe it’s because there are people who make the magic, and then there are the people […]

10 Ways I Get Free Clothes for My Kids

Most days, my clothing is most clean and tatter-free. But my kids? They have hit the fashion jackpot. They’ve got it all. Dresses that twirl for days. Thick, butter-soft rompers. Vibrant Mediterranean prints. And soft and flowy SoCo styles with artsy prints and muted colors. I’m a messy-haired mom with two very well-dressed kids. And […]

Easy Side Hustles This Bougie Mom Does to Make an Extra $9,400+ a Year

So I might not be bougie, but I am a mom. And I’m a mom who always has a sideline going. When I was a pre-schooler I went door to door to sell my old books and toys. I picked apples off my neighbors’ apple tree to sell. I sold our mailman water from the […]

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Gender neutral clothing is “in”. It’s not just grays and whites (or pale yellows and greens). Current Trends in Fashion and Pop Culture Go Hand in Hand with Gender Fluid Clothing Earth tones and muted color palettes are trendy, and are commonly worn by men and women. Minimalist silhouettes and clean modern lines are popular […]

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15 Stocking Stuffers on Amazon You’ll Want to Buy Yourself

(And they’re cheap, too.) December 24th is drawing near. If you’re like me, you’ve got the bigger gifts figured out and you’re scrambling for stocking stuffers. For a number of reasons, I’ve tried to shift my online shopping away from Amazon over the past few years. I still do shop Amazon: I just don’t want […]

Cool Boy Clothes Brands: 30+ Rad Labels to know

In the clothing game for babies and kids, it can feel like girls get all the breaks. There are just more options to choose from for girls. It’s girls who get all the fun twirly dresses and bubble rompers and ruffles. Not to mention all those cooly, edgy logo tees from Bee and Fox, and […]

30 Cute Stocking Stuffers for $5 or Less from Shein

SHEIN isn’t the boogeyman, but you know that likely or you wouldn’t be perusing. A few months back, I wanted to get my daughter some knee high and ankle length socks that were ribbed and had ruffle embellishment. They were $12 to $20 or more a pop everywhere I looked. With my decent experience from […]


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