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Growing Up Asian in a White Family Does Not Prepare You for the Adult Realities of Racism (True Sentence No. 13)

I started this blog to just write. And feeling stuck, I decided to just write one true sentence a day. That’s an easy enough writing prompt, right? From there, the blog has morphed into a catch-all stream-of-consciousness dump for everything from kids’ clothing to vulgar passwords to Spotted Cow beer. But I want to restore […]

10 Unhelpful Ways Liberals React to My Recent Story of Racism (Your BLM Signs, in Metropolitan areas, Are Cute)

A handful of days ago, I wrote a blog post chronicling my run-in with racism in a small, rural town on Lake Superior in Wisconsin. My main takeaway was the posts’ eponymous title: You keep your Spotted Cow, I’ll keep my life. I shared the post on Instagram and Facebook (an online mom’s group, my […]

Trendy Toddler Clothes

My two littles are just shy of 4 and 2 years old. It’s a golden age for adorable, trendy toddler clothes. My kids will let me put them in anything, and it’s hard to say who’s a bigger fan of twirly dresses: my four-year-old daughter or me. While I frequently find hip, fashionable clothes at […]

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You Can Keep Your Spotted Cow Beer. I’lll Keep My Life.

I experienced racism that I didn’t know existed (still) in America, and it’s left me reeling. And sad. And most of all scared. I’m still trying to make sense of what happened.   I spent a long weekend at my friend’s cabin in a small rural town on Lake Superior. It was my husband and kids […]

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Memorial Day Sales

Here are some sales and deals happening for Memorial Day Weekend of 2022. Memorial Day Sale Events for High End Kid Brands Alex and Alexa: Up to 30% off sneakers and extra 20% off outlet with code OUTLET20. Shop Alex and Alexa. Alice + Ames: New summer cuts and prints with retro feel including daisy […]

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Meeting Online Mom Group Friends IRL is Painful

There comes a point in every mom’s life when she’ll discover online mom groups and become transfixed. I did. About three years ago, I found a local mom group tied to a high end children’s clothing group. The group is an off-topic chat forum, with posts about everything ranging from potty training to baby formula […]

In Order to Be an Ally, You Have to Be Willing to Give Up Your Ally Status (True Sentence No. 12)

I recently commented on an animated thread on another social platform. I shouldn’t have. It was a weigh-in about Rock v Smith at the Oscars of course. Hundreds of comments thick, I waded in. I was torn in my reaction, internally. Wrong? Right? I dunno? Most women seemed anti-Will. And a woman shared a viral […]

It’s All Good in the Childhood. (True Sentence No. 11)

It’s all good in the childhood. I am obsessed with my kids’ clothes. I wish everything they had came in my size. And looked equally cute. (I don’t love the mama size options for most kid-centric brands. They don’t work on my frame.) Kneeling and squatting to play in the chalk and dirt and grass […]

Stylish Wide Shoes for Toddlers with Wide Feet

11 Best Shoe Brands for Toddlers with Wide Feet Plenty of people have wide feet that are harder to fit. And toddlers can be plagued with problems, too. Your average kids’ shoes are designed to fit a medium width foot. And when it comes to shopping for wide width shoes for toddlers, the options can […]

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Easter Basket Ideas: 10 Great Basket Fillers (+Alternate Easter Basket Ideas)

Easter’s rounding the corner. And Easter baskets are to springtime what stockings are to Christmas. Many non-religious followers indulge in this fun rite of passage. And it seems that ever year, parents struggle with ideas on what to put in the Easter basket. Growing up, there was already some pressure to build an adorable Easter […]


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