Broad City Ilana Wexler Look-Alike in this Dope Kohl’s Infographic Wants You to Shop Kohl’s – 10 Reasons for the Bougie BST Mom to Shop Kohl’s Now

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For my marketing SEO job, I produced this infographic on Kohl’s shopping hacks. Seemed worth re-sharing here.

I am more obsessed with this design than Ilana Wexler is with her platonic girl-crush best friend Abbi Abrams in Comedy Central’s Broad City.

Maybe I’m just a sucker for the Saved By the Bell aesthetic. And how I could totally see Ilana Wexler cart-surfing up and down escalators at the Midtown Forever 21 or Central Park Ave Kohl’s in Yonkers, NY. (For that matter, maybe the stock photo model is Ilana Wexler. Being a PT, stock photo model is definitely a hustle she’d have for one hot minute before getting canned.)

Ilana would tell you to save money by wearing the merch and returning it 180 days later. Or demanding a discount for the dress’ offensive scent (from that weed-fog dressing room). But you can keep your high ethics intact and still save colossal big.

3 Major Selling Points for the Badass Buy Sell Trade Mom to Shop Kohl’s

  1. Kohl’s sells everything. Apple products. Kitchenmaid. Robot vacuums. Underwear. I don’t find a lot of women’s wear there in my size. I have a small frame, I don’t want to shop their junior’s racks. But I discovered Little Co. baby and kids clothes – it’s like a blend of Zara and Rylee + Cru + Jamie Kay. But at affordable Kohl’s prices.
  2. You can use your Kohl’s Cash for everything. Maybe a year or so ago, I was just ticked off that I couldn’t use my Kohl’s Cash for anything I wanted to buy. Every brand I wanted was excluded. Under Armour. Nike. KitchenAid. AirPods. There are no brand exclusions now.
  3. Dump your naked Amazon purchase at Kohl’s. Returns to Amazon can be a major pain, but you can discard it for free at Amazon without having to package it up. No messing around with printers and packing tape. Kohl’s boxes up your return for you. In fact, the clerk will get steamed if you do your own re-pack job at home. They just want the original item – no polymailer or packaging. And no label needed, they’ll just scan that QR code on your phone. And they’ll give you a 25% off in-store Kohl’s coupon to use. It’s good for the same day you make your return.

Yes, queen yes. You can save like a boss at Kohl’s. Tape this Kohl’s savings infographic to your fridge.

And you can get a free $10 gift card if you shop at, or another participating store like Boden, Hanna Andersson, The Tot, or Andy & Evan. You just have to visit the store through the Swagbucks link and make a purchase of $25 or more. And you can get cash back too.

Like any online shopper or BST mom worth their salt, you probably belong to Rakuten or Honey or some other cash back shopping site. So do I. But it’s worth joining Swagbucks too, to at least get the free $10 gift card.

And if we’re counting, I myself belong to no fewer than 16 different deals sites and shopping rewards apps.