Why having the word “f-ck” in your password can be problematic (true sentence no. 4)


If you ask a short-fused woman to reset her password, and keep telling her:

  • Choose a new password you have not used before,
  • Choose a more secure password,
  • Your two passwords don’t match,

And keep locking her out of her Apple account,

this may lead said cranky woman to finally create a password that contains the word “F-ck”-

directed at no one in particular –

because she’s all roiled up,

and this password is meant for her eyes only,

except this woman may have to go to a T-Mobile store,

with her 2 kids in tow,

and eventually be prompted,

by the helpful young store clerk,

to provide her Apple password to him –

because he needs it to help you,

and you can re-set it afterwards,

so you mumble it, all red-faced,

except it’s COVID so you’re wearing a face mask,

and have to semi-shout “F-CK”,

along with a string of other related words,

in front of her two small children,

to an embarrassed store clerk.

Which brings me to the moral of my story and my true sentence #4: No matter what Google or Apple does to antagonize you, during a Pandemic do not pick a password that contains the word “f*ck”, or you will have to shout-curse through a face mask in front of your kids, AND embarrass the nice, young store clerk at T-Mobile.

(This also applies to when you’re setting up a new email address, or my next post and my true sentence #5.)

At least my 3-year-old says, “Flippety flipper” and “Flippety flip flip flip.”

I’ll let it slide. As long as my kid don’t start saying “Flip me [hard].”