Daily Dose of Dopamine (No. 2)

lady in beach silhouette during daytime photography
Photo by Jill Wellington on Pexels.com

We think successful people are happy, but it’s happy people who are successful.

Daily Dose of Dopamine #2

  • I texted Amber to keep up the connection — coffee or happy hour.
  • Three things I’m grateful for: plotting a course to happy, car still kicking it (starts when I need it to), Rosacea is under wraps.
  • Yesterday’s daily highlight: A few. Able to navigate efficiently different work projects, went home mid-afternoon and took a nap (with no phone screens!), stitched 11 quilt squares and sewed together fabric scraps for more squares. Also planning HH with John for next week in Uptown!
  • Yesterday’s lowlight: Margot is number 9 on the waitlist for PSI and there’s been no movement for a month, damn fruit flies at the office that no one knows how to get rid of (no obvious major culprit), both kids melting down hard at 7:30 last night because they got crap for sleep the night before.