Daily Dose of Dopamine (No. 3)

girl jumping on the bridge wearing black jacket
Photo by Sebastian Voortman on Pexels.com

We think successful people are happy, but it’s happy people who are successful.

Daily Dose of Dopamine #3

  • I texted Jen to meet up for coffee this weekend. Did that this morning.
  • Three things I’m grateful for: friendships in my life, Henry almost out of the PT phase, and good hair day this morning.
  • Yesterday’s daily highlight: A few. Talked to Mel on the phone for an hour for first time in ages and we have a lunch date Sunday. Got in two good workouts. Finished my FBuzz assignment. Prepped hair for a good hair day today. Finished more textile scrap squares. Read a chapter of Charlotte’s Web with Margot and talked about “remarkable cousins.”
  • Yesterday’s lowlight: Traffic getting to office. Read an editor note that one of my articles will likely be redlined to bits and need to be rewritten. LinkedIn carousel post feature went away (super crap) and I wasted effort putting together the perfect asset. I put it in a static post with an image and got friends to share, but reach is not great.