Daily Dose of Dopamine (No. 5)

brown haired doll in brown cardboard box
Photo by cottonbro studio on Pexels.com

We think successful people are happy, but it’s happy people who are successful.

Daily Dose of Dopamine #5

  • I texted my old coworker Molly to keep the connection.
  • Three things I’m grateful for: good neighbors, Michael is staying really on top of doing the dishes (massive improvement), and it was cool out this morning when I went over to Kim B.’s to water her garden.
  • Yesterday’s daily highlight: Finished sewing my stack of triangles into squares (there were well over 100). Met up with Lolita and her kids at the park. Took kids to the grocery store and they had amusement-park level fun in the double wide grocery cart with the car steering wheels.
  • Yesterday’s lowlight: It was hot (heat advisory) at the park yesterday and the kids got miserable. Stared at a mountain of laundry all day and didn’t tackle any of it.