All About Lulu + Roo: The Brand, The Creators, and How to Nab Great Deals & a Lulu and Roo Coupon Code

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Updated November 5, 2021

If you’re looking for colorful, cozy clothes for your little one to play and lounge in, Lulu & Roo has got you covered. Every piece of clothing is made with care, perfectly fit for rambunctious playtime or outings that require more style than a faded t-shirt and bib. The brand focuses on creating high-quality clothes built to last for cute and sustainable styles.

You can save 15% on your purchase with Lulu Roo if you want to give the brand a go. Use this referral link to save 15% at Lulu + Roo.

What is Lulu + Roo? 

Lulu & Roo is a clothing company that makes comfortable and stylish clothing for kids. Every piece is made with the day-to-day activities of children in mind. Lulu + Roo makes cozy and versatile sweatshirts, hoodies, shorties, joggers, and dresses (with lots of twirl) that are tough enough to take the daily grind of children’s play, yet adorable enough for special occasions like family photos. (In fact, just check out Instagram. You’ll see loads of family pics with kids decked out in Lulu + Roo.)

Photo-worthy sweats and knitwear for the family from Lulu + Roo.

It’s easy to snag a cheap shirt off of the clearance rack at your local department store, but Lulu & Roo delivers cute style with comfort, durability, and versatility.

Is Lulu + Roo Good Quality?

The quality of Lulu and Roo is unlike anything you’ll find marked $3.88 on a clearance rack. The fabrics used are soft and durable, easy outfits for your child to tumble and explore in. Every month a new collection is released with themes that inspire your child’s creativity and can be trusted to withstand the test of time.

While Lulu and Roo is priced higher than garments you’ll find at Walmart or Target, Lulu & Roo is kid-tough. Lulu and Roo is built to be worn, hard, and then passed down to siblings and then onto other younger children.

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Where Can I Shop Lulu + Roo?

Lulu and Roo is online only retailer. Shop at to buy Lulu + Roo clothing for your crew.

Because Lulu & Roo has a bit of a cult following, you can find Lulu + Roo on a number of resale sites and BST groups on Facebook (BST for Buy Sell Trade). On these sites and resale groups, you’ll find Lulu + Roo clothing in all sizes and colors. And in all conditions too, including many NWT pieces.

As you can see from these screen grabs, used Lulu & Roo resells at very good prices in BuySellTrade Groups on Facebook.

Is Lulu + Roo Worth the Price?

It’s true that children grow out of clothes almost as soon as they get them, but Lulu & Roo make clothing that is stitched to last. Every fabric is carefully chosen with longevity in mind. The beauty of Lulu and Roo is that each piece is timeless, making it easy to pass along as hand-me-downs to younger siblings or re-sell on BST groups or online resale sites.

Kidizen is one resale site where I’ve sold a fair amount of Lulu + Roo clothing.

Personally, I would never pay full price for anything. (You can etch that on my humongous yet tasteful tombstone, that my kids had better not pay retail for.)

Given the brand’s cuteness and quality, Lulu & Roo is worth the price if you shop on sale or on clearance.

You can save 15% off your first purchase at Lulu & Roo which makes a decent dent. And Lulu & Roo has an above-average rewards program where you can earn points (with every purchase) towards a 25% off coupon.

The site’s clearance section usually has a few dozen or so items in every size range, with prices starting as low as $9.99. (Although when I wrote this article I didn’t see anything below $16.99.) And Lulu + Roo typically has great Black Friday deals. As I recall, last year Lulu and Roo’s Black Friday sale was 35% off.

The Lulu and Roo clearance section can feature some good markdowns for up to 50% off – sometimes more.

Does Lulu + Roo Clothing Run Big or Small?

Sizing for Lulu & Roo runs small, but it’s important to note that every child is different. When shopping Lulu & Roo, use our sizing chart to better judge what you think would best fit your child.

My kids are the 75th percentile for size, and I generally always size up. For sweatshirts and hoodies, I would size up even an extra two sizes. The fit still looks good and your child will get that much more wear out of the garment. 

As a rule of thumb, I take the size that my kid wears in Old Navy and then size up 1 size for bottoms and 1 to 2 sizes for tops.

Where is Lulu + Roo Made?

Lulu & Roo proudly shares that their clothing is created in the United States. Alongside clothing production, styles are designed and curated in Salt Lake City, Utah. Additionally, all production for Lulu & Roo is homemade in the United States.

If you’re lucky enough to live in Utah, you may be able to go to Lulu and Roo sample sales or warehouse sales. (Take me with you.)

Made in the USA, Lulu and Roo embraces its American roots. This is especially true with their annual July collections showcasing red, white, and blue and patriotic themes.

Who Makes Lulu + Roo?

Lulu & Roo is a company started by two friends who created a market for children’s clothing made with comfort and style in mind. After designing clothes for their own children, they branched off to create high-quality, comfortable pieces built to last.

“Our goal was to make clothing that kids would not want to take off, and I think we did just that. Our customers often comment on how much their children love how comfortable our clothing is, and it’s all they want to wear,” says co-founder Sydni.

Are There Lulu and Roo Retailers who Sell Lulu + Roo in their shops?

Yes! There are boutique brick and mortar retailers who sell Lulu & Roo. You can find a list of stores who sell Lulu and Roo on their directory of wholesale sellers.

Lulu + Roo is sold in boutiques across 40 different states, in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada), Marseille, France, and Christchurch, New Zealand.

When is the Lulu and Roo Warehouse Sale?

Lulu and Roo periodically will hold warehouse sales events at its warehouse in American Fork, Utah. These are generally short one day events (limited to a 2 to 4 hour sales window) where you can find savings of up to 80% off.

Get there early as lines are long. Additionally, any warehouse sale at Lulu and Roo is a cash only event.

These events are announced on the Lulu and Roo facebook page or by email. Follow Lulu + Roo on social media.

The last publicly advertised warehouse sale for Lulu and Roo was in August 2019.

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How Do I Get a Lulu and Roo Warehouse Sale Bundle?

Even if you don’t live anywhere near Utah, you can still get warehouse sale deals. Lulu and Roo will occasionally offer a warehouse mystery bundle. For a $90 Mystery Bundle, you can get 5 garments worth $90 or more for only $49. Items are selected at random from the Lulu and Roo Warehouse and all sales are final.

While you can’t make special requests, Lulu and Roo promises no duplicates within 1 bundle of 5 randomly selected items. If you purchase 2 bundles, however, you may wind up with some repeats. You can select the age and gender for your mystery bundle, or even opt for a gender neutral baby clothes bundle.

Mystery bundles from Lulu + Roo sell out quickly. You can request an email notification to be alerted to when they become available again. They are not commonly available. You can get 15% off your Lulu & Roo purchase while waiting for this promotion though.

How Do I buy Lulu and Roo Wholesale?

Lulu and Roo wholesale pricing is available for select retailers. Visit the wholesale-application page on Lulu & Roo and complete the form.

There are hundreds of shops that stock and sell Lulu & Roo across 40 states and in Canada, France, and New Zealand.

How Do I Get a Lulu and Roo Coupon Code for Free Shipping and Other Savings?

Lulu & Roo offers free shipping on orders over $75, and you can save 15% off your first purchase on site. There’s no Lulu and Roo coupon code required; just sign up with referral link.

Other Secrets to Savings:

  • Join the free loyalty program to earn points towards 25% off coupons.
  • Follow the VIP Facebook group. You’ll get updates on new sales events, clearance markdowns, and occasionally some special savings love.
  • Order a $49 Mystery Warehouse Bundle on Lulu & Roo and you’ll get $90 worth of merchandise for $49. You can select gender (neutral, boy, or girl) and the size. You’ll get 5 randomly selected pieces from their warehouse inventory for this Mystery Bundle, with no duplicates. It’s final sale though, and there are no refunds or exchanges.
  • Order a $49 Mystery Bundle (non-warehouse) and get 3 current-season pieces that are valued at $90. Again, you can select size and gender. There are no garment duplicates within 1 bundle, but if you order multiple bundles of the same size (hoping for variety), you may be disappointed so it’s best to stick with one. As with warehouse Mystery Bundles, there are no refunds or exchanges here.
Following Lulu and Roo’s adorable Instagram feed is one way to earn points towards a 25% off discount from Lulu & Roo.

Where Can I Buy and Sell Used Lulu + Roo Clothing?

Mercari is one resale site of many where you can and sell used Lulu & Roo clothing.

Well-loved Lulu and Roo clothes can be found on retailers like Poshmark, Mercari, Kidizen, and Facebook Buy, Sell, Trade groups, to name a few. The beauty of Lulu & Roo is the sustainability in each of their pieces, making them easy to pass along to parents looking to love them just as much as you did. Buy, Sell, Trade groups on Facebook are a great way to network with other parents and find the best deals on secondhand Lulu & Roo clothes.

Promo Codes for Mercari, Kidizen, and Poshmark

  • Sign up for Mercari with this referral link, get $30 free. You’ll get $10 off your first purchase. And you’ll get $20 off any Mercari purchase after you’ve sold your first $100 on their marketplace. This site is the easiest one to create listings and lowest in seller fees (commissions).
  • Join Kidizen with this referral link, get $5 off your first purchase. Minnesota based Kidizen has the largest selection of children’s clothing brands, and also toys, books, baby gear, and and mama size clothing. There is no easy way to make an offer. (There’s no functionality to click and submit an offer. You have to direct message the seller and wait for a response.) If you sell on here, a big plus is there’s an option for your listings to also be shared on Facebook Marketplace where you can reach a broader audience.
  • Join Poshmark with this referral link, get $10 off your first purchase. Poshmark has a huge selection of clothes and accessories for tons of brands, but you’ll find that Kidizen has a much larger selection of kids clothes and kids brands. The seller fees (commissions to Poshmark) are a bit steep. And if you’re a buyer on Poshmark, you pay the shipping which is set at a flat rate fee. Currently that amount is set at $7.45 (ouch). But you have more flexibility in terms of haggling with the seller to get a good deal. You can ask make offers at 30% off or more – on Mercari you can’t make offers that go below 20% off list price.

There are different buyers and different sellers on all of these apps. Plenty of sellers sell on two or more of them, or even on other sites too like thredUP and eBay. And as a buyer, if you’re looking for good deals it’s worth your time to hit up all of these sites. You can create alerts for when specific brands or items you want get listed.

Final Thoughts on Lulu and Roo

Lulu and Roo is a cozy, comfy, adorable brand that makes everyday staples that are cute enough to be worn in family pictures and other polaroid moments.

The brand is pricey ($42 hoodies), but you can wait for sales events or clearance markdowns, save 15% on your first order (stock up then), or find gently loved Lulu + Roo clothing on resale sites and Facebook groups. If you stack up your savings carefully (sales, promo codes, cash back credit card) you can get hoodies for well under $20, and then resell them for $15 to $25 afterwards.