Do these 3 things to save over 80% and score brand new Hanna Andersson garments for $7.89 a piece

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How I got 10 brand new Hanna Andersson garments for $78.90

My kids’ grandma sees them in new PJ’s or twirly dresses, she asks if they’re wearing that pricey “Hanna Montana” brand their mom likes so well. Which draws a chuckle.

When my grandma sees Hanna Andersson, she sees dollar signs. The gleam of those brand new $48.00 price tags flickering across her eyes.

But when I see the brand, I see a Hanna Andersson deals bonanza.

Because paying full-price, or even sales price, for anything is amateur hour.

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If you work all the angles, you can score brand new Hanna Andersson pajamas, from the Hanna Andersson website, for under $8. You can’t even find that price at Once Upon A Child or any other online thrift store or reseller site.

But yesterday I just got in my order of 10 brand new garments, from, for only $78.90, including 4 pairs of pajamas (with matching sibling sets), and swimsuits for this winter and the next size up.

Here’s what I got from Hanna Andersson and what I paid for each piece.

  • $10.79 for Shark Rash Guard Sunblock Suit 18M. (Original price $44)
  • 10.79 for One-piece swim suit 4T (Original price $44)
  • $12.79 for Two-piece tankini suit 3T (Original price $52)
  • $12.79 for Two-piece tankini suit 4T (Original price $52)
  • $8.79 for Blue sleeve baseball tee 18M (Original price $36)
  • $8.79 for Green sleeve baseball tee 18M (Original price $36)
  • $10.79 for Baby zip sleeper in s’more print 12M (Original price $42)
  • $10.79 for Baby zip sleeper in s’more print 2T (Original price $42)
  • $10.79 for Baby zip sleeper navy galactic print 2T (Original price $42)
  • $10.79 for Baby zip sleeper in s’more print 3T (Original price $42)

If you’ve been doing some mental arithmetic, or opened your calculator app, you’re reaching a total of $107.90.

That was the Final Sale price for each item. I was able to drop my total by an additional $23 dollars though, meaning everything I bought was around $6-$9 each. Or $8.41 on average.

Here’s the 3 things I did to get brand new Hanna Andersson clothes for $7.89 a piece.

There are a number of ways I layered the savings to get all those garments for 84 odd bucks.

1 | Wait for Final Sale prices to pay 75% off (Buy ahead for next season.)

I read one frugal mommy blog where the author wrote you should shop sale, but not clearance, because clearance items are inferior: gaudy colors, poor stitching, or poor-fitting clothing.

That might be true for some brands, but I got baseball raglan tees, swimsuits, and PJ’s. Come on. The raglan tees will go with any jeans, joggers, or shorts. Kids love bright color swim suits and PJ’s, and I’m not worried about them clashing with their bed sheets or pool water. And Hanna Andersson’s quality is the stuff of legends. I bought Final Sale on items on classic garments where I knew the sizing and fit: short Hannajams (zipper PJ’s), swimwear, and tees.

  • Original Price for items: $432
  • Final Sale Price I paid: $107.90
  • Total Saved: $324.10 or 75% OFF

2| Use a 20% off referral code for Hanna Andersson (If you don’t have a 20% code, I’ve got your hookup. And you can use it on top of sales prices.)

I had a 20% discount code I was able to use to bring my total down to $86.32.

If you’re a new Hanna Andersson website shopper, you can save 20% off your first order of $100 with this referral link. This would work on Final Sale markdowns too, so you could get the same type of savings.

  • Total paid with discount code: $86.32
  • Total saved off of full price: $345.68 or 80% OFF

3 | Take advantage of cash back rebates

When I shop online, I use cash back shopping sites and shopping apps. For this Hanna Andersson purchase, I visited Hanna Andersson from the Upromise rewards portal. (Which is free, by the way and there is a $5.29 bonus to sign up.)

I got 2% cash back, which might seem like a lot of money. But it’s free cash for the shopping I was already doing. Had I not taken a half-second to click on the link, I would have been throwing away $1.73.

I also used my credit card that gave 1.529% cash back for the purchase. But, I linked that credit card to my PayPal account and got an additional 5% cash back bonus from PayPal. So I pretty much scored cash back rebates, for using my credit card, twice.

  • Total paid until this point: $86.32
  • Total paid with Upromise $1.73 cash back discount: $84.59
  • Total paid with rewards credit card $1.37 cash back discount: $83.22
  • Total paid with PayPal $4.32 cash back bonus: $78.90

Total Saved with All Discounts for Hanna Andersson: $353.10 or 82% OFF

And in the End, I’ll More than Make Back All My Money

So yeah, there are a lot of angles you can work to get Hanna Andersson clothes brand new for 82% off. Even on the odd resale site or BST or Buy Sell Trade group you can’t find brand new NWT Hanna Andersson garments for that cheap. On these apps, $15-$20 is a good price for a brand new Hanna Andersson item. Depending on the piece, it could be a good price for a secondhand item.

And when I resell Hanna Andersson clothes after my kids are done wearing them, I’ll not only get money back. I’ll actually make money.

I’ll resell my Hanna Andersson clothes (in well-loved but still decent condition) for anywhere from $85 to $100 in my local Facebook BST group. If I wanted to get $120 to $150, I would turn to Mercari or Kidizen or a national Hanna Andersson specific resale group on Facebook.

Worst case/least effort/laziest scenario: I end up making only $6.10 for dressing my kids in brand new Hanna Andersson.

Best case/feeling motivated scenario: I make $71.10 for dressing my kids in brand new Hanna Andersson.

Seventy-one dollars and ten-cents. That’s enough to buy an entire Hannah Montana outfit, hair ties included. Or one rather creepy looking Hanna Montana barbie doll.

However you Hanna(h), happy Hannah, or Hanna, shopping.

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