30 Cute Stocking Stuffers for $5 or Less from Shein

SHEIN isn’t the boogeyman, but you know that likely or you wouldn’t be perusing. A few months back, I wanted to get my daughter some knee high and ankle length socks that were ribbed and had ruffle embellishment. They were $12 to $20 or more a pop everywhere I looked.

With my decent experience from SHEIN Kids, I knew they’d have cheap socks for cute. And they did. Thick, stretchy, and soft – their socks at least felt like boutique quality. And the socks were like $1 to $3 a pop. (Read my review on ordering $100 worth of SHEIN Kids clothes to see what the quality was really like.)

Their hair accessories – with fancy bows and in-style hair ties – were equally cheap and just as high quality as anything I’ve bought from Target or Jamie Kay. (And this isn’t a dis on Jamie Kay.)

So back to the well for the holidays. Kids’ clothing can be a mixed bag in terms of quality. And some parents might refuse to buy it. But they’ve got so many cheap stocking stuffers for a few dollars or less. And shipping isn’t always 7 business days — plenty of orders are fulfilled in New York or Los Angeles and arrive quite quickly.

30 Cheap Stocking Stuffers for $30 or Less from Shein

A lot of this is the similar (if not identical) to the stocking stuffer merchandise you see at Old Navy, Forever 21, and Amazon.

1. Cute Knee High Socks with Bows $2.50

Toddler Girls Bow Decor Crew Socks

Shop bow decor knee-high socks.

2. Ribbed Tights $5.00

Girls Bow Decor Tights

Shop ribbed tights.

3. Baby Scallop Socks $2.50

Baby Scallop Trim Over The Calf Socks

Shop lace scallop socks.

4. Grey Suspender Tights (like Silly Silas) $5.50

Toddler Girls Solid Tights

Shop grey suspender pants.

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5. Bear Slipper Socks $3.50

Baby Cartoon Graphic Non-slip Socks

Shop bear slipper socks.

6. Bear Sunglasses $4.00

Toddler Girls Cartoon Design Sunglasses

Shop bear sunglasses.

7. 6-Pack Furry Hair Scrunchies $2.00

6pcs Toddler Girls Plush Hair Tie

Shop 6-pack of hair scrunchies.

8. 4-Pack (2 Pairs) of Hair Bows $2.50

4pcs Toddler Girls Bow Knot Hair Clip

Shop hair bows.

9. Lined Duckie Hat with Ear Flaps $5.50

Baby Pom Pom & Buckle Decor Hat

Shop fleece lined duck hat.

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10. Black Knit Beanie $2.50

Toddler Kids Embroidery Beanie

Shop knit beanie.

11. Knit Hat with Double Pom Balls $3.50

Toddler Kids Pom Pom Decor Beanie

Shop knit pom pom hat.

12. Unicorn Earn Muffs $5.50

Girls Unicorn Design Earmuffs

Shop unicorn ear muffs.

13. Colorblock Bus Fanny Pack (Belt Bag) $4.50

Kids Colorblock Bus Design Fanny Pack

Shop colorblock bus fanny pack.

14. Avocado Coin Purse $1.50

Kids Avocado Shaped Color Block Wallet

Shop coin purse.

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15. Dinosaur Gloves with Mitten Tops $4.00

Toddler Kids Dinosaur Decor Gloves

Shop dinosaur gloves.

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16. 50-Piece Set Animal Stickers $1.50

50pcs Animal Print Sticker

Shop animal stickers.

17. Flower Journal / Notepad $4.00

1pc Flower Print Random Notebook

Shop floral notepad.

18. Gummy Bear 10-Pack Paper Clips $3.50

10pcs Cartoon Bear Detail Paper Clip

Shop gummy bear paper clips.

19. 60-Piece Set Random Graphic Stickers $2.50

60ps Cartoon Graphic Random Sticker

Shop graphic stickers.

20. Milk Carton Memo Pad $1.50

1pc Milk Box Shaped Random Memo Paper

Shop milk carton memo pad.

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21. Toast Pencil Case $5.00

1pc Toast Shaped Random Pencil Bag

Shop toast pencil case.

22. Dino Erasers in an Egg $1.00

Random Color Dinosaur Shaped Eraser 7pcs

Shop dinosaur erasers.

23. Penguin Hand Towel $3.00

1pc Cartoon Penguin Pattern Hand Towel

Shop penguin hand towel.

24. Washi Tape Road Print $2.50

1roll Road Pattern Random Washi Tape

Shop construction road washi tape.

25. Unicorn Charm Bracelet $1.50

Kids Unicorn Charm Layered Bracelet

Shop unicorn bracelet set.

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26. Bubble Poppers / Fidget $1.50

1pc Random Color Push Bubble Decompression Toy

Shop fidget bubble poppers.

27. Bubble Pop Wristband $3.00

1pc Shark Push Pop Bubble Wristband

Shop bubble pop wristband.

28. Cartoon Print Correction Tape $2.50

Random Cartoon Print Correction Tape 1pc

Shop cartoon print correction tape.

29. Origami Paper & Instruction Book $4.00

1set Origami Paper & Manual

Shop origami paper and booklet.

30. Santa Hat

Toddler Kids Pom Pom Decor Knit Hat

Shop Santa hat.

There are lots of cheap, great options for kids from SHEIN. And you can find deals on accessories and fun party favor type gifts year-round, not just December.

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