True Sentence No. 3

The kids’ long awaited Grandma came to visit! She came for a 6-day stay that went really well. Card games and Candy Land and splashes in the kiddie pool. And a visit to Gale Woods Farm, too. She helped me with cutting fabric and sewing strips of binding for a half dozen unfinished quilting projects. And asked the kids about those Hannah Montana pajamas their mom likes so well, which always makes me giggle.

Overall it was so fun and we were so glad she was able to finally able to come.

But here’s the Truest Sentence I Know: The best and worst part of any guest’s visit is their departure; it means they’re leaving, but it also means you get to yell at your kids again.

Going 6 days straight not being able to yell at my kids and my dumbass husband was seriously the longest 6 days of my life; I thought I was going to have an aneurism trying to hold it in.