The 10 Cutest Things to Buy Babies and Kids Right Now on Shein Kids

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While typically I’m a buy-sell-trade group kind of mom, buying and re-selling Childhoods hoodies and Hanna Andersson pajamas and twirly dresses, sometimes I just want to buy kids cute clothes. And not worry about playground stains, or re-treating stains, or the re-sale value for when I sell them again online.

(And trust me, I think about re-sale value a lot. I even spent 80 hours of my non existent spare time calculating the re-sale value of popular high-end kids’ brands on re-sale sites.)

I love BST, but just sometimes I just want my kids to look cute in something that’s downright cheap. I mean let’s face it. Some babies deserve nothing but the finest, softest, most luxuriant of fabrics that are butter-soft to the touch and fit like a cashmere dream.

And some kids don’t.

And if your kids are undeserving like mine, and you’re willing to occasionally dress them in lower end fabrics that feel nothing like silk or butter or charmeuse, you’ll find a friend in SHEIN. Believe it or not, SHEIN sells a lot of kids clothes that don’t suck.

A few months ago, I caved and purchased $100 of SHEIN baby clothes (infant and toddler sizes) and was overall satisfied with the cuteness and quality. I stuck with heavier fabrics like corduroy, denim, twills, sweater knit, and cotton. In fact, you can read my review on SHEIN kids clothes.

I decided that shopping trip deserved an encore, now that fall’s here. So here are the ten cutest things to buy now for babies and kids on

Note: You can save 10% to 20% off at SHEIN with the CODE: FW2021. (It’s listed prominently on the SHEIN website as a discount available to anyone.)

1 | Baby Girl Ribbed Outfit: Peplum Ruffle Trim Top with Ruffle Butt Leggings

Only $9.00 and well-reviewed, I’m legit sad my 3 year old daughter can’t fit this adorable 2-piece play set or I’d buy it in Apricot (featured in pic) and Mint Green. If my husband would let me, I’d be tempted to get this for our 13 month old son. The composition is 95% cotton 5% spandex, and SHEIN clothes in cotton and knits holds up quite well in my experience with the brand.

Price: $9.00 on SHEIN (or $7.20 on sale)

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2 | Solid Color Block-Stripe Block Hoodie and and Joggers Set

This black, white, and beige hoodie set, which reminds me a bit of Sia, does not come in my size. Unfortunately. And it’s sold out in my son’s size. But I’ve ordered up in size 1-2Y.

Price: $10 on (or $8 on sale)

3 | Striped Raglan Pullover and Matching Joggers

This raglan pullover with matching joggers reminds me of Lulu + Roo and Childhoods. Obviously, there’s going to be a difference in the feel and thickness of the fabric. But it is a 100% cotton set and adorably cute. Get the aesthetic and style you want without lamenting spaghetti dinners and bubble mixture.

Price: $9.00 on ($7.20 on sale)

4 | Striped Sweater with Geometric Print

This sweater is giving me serious Zach-Morris-Saved-by-the-Bell vibes. But without the eye-blinding neon colors. The sweater knit material is polyester (like one of my favorite GAP sweaters I’m wearing now). At $14, I think it’s relatively pricey for SHEIN. But it does indicate a higher level of quality. (You can find $2.99 garments. I just wouldn’t buy them.) And just looking at this 1990’s throwback in sweater in earth tones makes me grin happy grins.

Price: $14 on ($11.20 on sale)

5 | Color Block Cropped Raglan Hoodie

If this hoodie weren’t cropped, I’d buy it in a size 160. (Which is roughly a girl’s size 14-16.) In fact, I still might buy it yet. I love this color block hoodie so much. If it doesn’t cover enough of my mid-section, I’ll wait for my daughter to grow into it. Or just let her wear it as a loose, oversized sweatshirt hoodie dress. At $5.60 (with the sale price), I’m willing to take the risk.

Price: $7.00 on ($5.60 on sale)

6 | Striped Pocket Sweater with Major GAP Vibes

If a Pendleton Blanket, J. Crew swear, and a GAP TV commercial had a baby, this sweater would be its amazing rainbow-knit offspring. With light stretch, the fit is more structured (not good for larger-headed toddlers). I’m excited for my son to grow into this rainbow-skater-preppy-goodness.

Price: $11 on ($8.80 on sale)

7 | NASA Hoodie with Kanga Pocket

I love everything about this NASA hoodie – except its limited size range.

Price: $8.00 on ($6.40 on sale)

8 | Sherpa Button Down “Teddy Jacket”

Is there really a right side and wrong side to wear buttons on your shirt when it’s as cute as this? Labeled a teddy jacket, for the teddy bear look of this sherpa button down, my kiddo can wear this shirt as a light jacket.

Price: $16.00 on ($12.80 on sale)

9 | Father & Son Sweatshirt in Beige

This Father & Son fleece sweatshirt also has a dad-sized version. SHEIN carries a number of Daddy and Me looks, whereas most clothing sites only cater to mothers and daughters or matching family pajamas. Having modern, coordinated looks for fathers and sons while they’re actually out of bed is refreshing.

Price for Little Boy Sweatshirt: $6 on ($4.80 on sale)

Price for Men’s Sweatshirt: $18 on ($14.40 on sale)

10 | Frill Neck Flounce Sleeve Girls Dress (3T to 7)

I’m not always a fan of animal print, but the black spots over the chocolate brown fabric seems more abstract-modern vs animalistic and exotic. I love the flounces and ruffles on the sleeves and neckline of this dress. (There’s also a coordinating mom sized version; you can get this same print in a woman’s size babydoll dress that covers most of your upper thigh area.)

Price: $11 on ($8.80 on sale)

So that’s my top 10 list. But really, I had 31 finalist in total from and below are a handful I couldn’t leave out.

Funnel Neck Chevron Fleece Sherpa Jacket

Yet another garment that I want to come in my size. This soft shearling jacket, in a simple chevron tri-color pattern, is like Earth Momma meets 1990’s warm-up suit. (Or were they called wind suits?)

Price: $11 on ($8.80 on sale)

Ruffle Trim Ribbed Baby Romper

This ruffle-trim, ribbed baby romper is giving off major ZARA meets H&M vibes. At just under $5 on sale, you won’t be sad over oily stains or random rips and snags.

Price: $6.00 on ($4.80 on sale)

Sherpa Bomber Jacket

Who doesn’t love a good bomber jacket, which hearkens back to the 1980’s and 1990’s…and all the way back to 1917. That’s when flight jackets, or “Bomber Jackets” were created by the US Army Aviation Clothing Board. Bomber jackets were designed to keep World War I pilots warm in the uninsulated, open-air cockpits of their fighter planes. This white sherpa bomber has a clean and modern flair.

Price: $8.00 on ($6.40 on sale)

Corduroy Overalls with Teddy Bear Knees

The fleecy teddy bears on these corduroy overalls take reinforced knees to a whole new level.

Price: $9.00 on ($7.20 on sale)

NASA Striped Hoodie and Joggers

NASA and science themed kidswear is having a moment. This hoodie and joggers playset is an affordable, on-trend look.

Price: $11 on ($8.80 on sale)

Color Block Sweater

This tri-color, color block sweater is like a preppy sweater of yesteryears, but in a more current, earthy color palette.

Price: $12 on ($9.60 on sale)

Horizon Print Sweatshirt and Joggers in Charcoal Grey

I possibly prefer the green version of this sweatsuit, but I love the horizon print on a color other than burnt sienna or rust. (Although there is a similar shade available, too.)

Price: $9.00 on ($7.20 on sale)

Final Wrap on SHEIN Baby and Kids Clothes

Turns out my top 10 list is more of a top 10 favorites +7 finalists. But there’s a lot of glorious style happening on right now so I had a hard time pruning the list.

And this is coming from a Buy-Sell-Trade mom inclined towards higher-end labels like L’ovedbaby, Ted Baker (yes, the brand has kids clothes), Mini Boden, Childhoods, Rylee + Cru, Zara, and H&M. (Somehow H&M has higher-end status in the kids clothing resale world.)

A lot of the looks and pieces on emulate the styles of H&M, Zara, and Childhoods, but at much cheaper price points. The quality isn’t the same, but many garments on SHEIN are thicker material garments that are sturdy and well-stitched. At $8, you’re not going to get cashmere or organic cotton. But you’re going to get the same aesthetic – and you won’t have to worry (obsess) about stains and the re-sale value of your kids’ SHEIN clothing.

(But, yes, if you’re curious. You can re-sell SHEIN at Once Upon A Child stores. I see that label there all of the time. Or rather, I see the lack of label. SHEIN garments are often devoid of brand tags.)