I Need A Promo Code or coupon code: Promo codes, discount Codes, and Coupons for High-End and Eco-Friendly clothing Brands

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Feel like there’s never a promo code there when you need one? I regularly see comments in online chat groups and forums like “Anyone have a promo code for such and such a brand?” Often, I am that poster.

So, here’s a list of promo codes or referral links to save money at some favorite kids brands.

It’s worth noting that I’ve seen many brands stop offering welcome or signup bonuses of 10% to 15% off that used to be so common. And promo codes are generally sitewide and not specific to existing customers. The broader trend seems to be offering loyalty clubs for members to earn points for making purchases and following their brand on social media. But most brands will offer referral codes and links for existing customers to share like the ones I’m listing here.

If there’s a brand I’m missing and you’ve got a referral code or promo code to share, let me know. If it’s a working code or link, I’d love to include it.

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Alice and Ames Promo Code

While you’ll get 10% off your first order when you sign up for emails, if you use this Alice and Ames promo code you can save $15 off your first purchase. A better deal, unless you were planning on dropping like $200 or more for your first purchase.

Visit Alice + Ames through this link, and a unique referral code will generate. This will give you an Alice + Ames promo code to save $15 off your first purchase of $50 or more. This translates to a savings of 30% off your Alice and Ames purchase of $50.


Boden Coupon Code

Save 20% on your Boden purchase – for Baby Boden, Boden Kids (Mini Boden), or grown-up Boden sizes.

Sign up through this referral link to get a 20% off Boden coupon. If you go directly to BodenUSA.com, there is no welcome bonus. (I think they previously offered 10% or 15% off, but that has been discontinued.)

To get the Boden coupon code, you will need to provide your email address. A Boden coupon will be emailed to you.


Colored Organics Coupon Code

Save 20% off your first order with the Colored Organics coupon code GOOGLE20 or WELCOME20.

CHildHoods Clothing Coupon Code

Use the Childhoods Clothing coupon JKP26TTXV794 to save 10% off your purchase at ChildhoodsClothing.com.




Fin and Vince

Fin and Vince do not offer a welcome bonus for new customers like larger brands and chain retailers often do. But you can get a $10 coupon on your first purchase at Fin & Vince with this referral link.



Hanna Andersson Promo Code

It seems like the retailer has been phasing out Hanna Andersson promo codes. There used to be a slew, of workable, referral based promo codes in circulation like KATIE15.

Now, Hanna Andersson is more commonly offering discounts to new customers like $20 off purchases of $100 or more.

You can save 20% off your purchase of $100 or more with the Hanna Andersson promo code VGKRD9VHGNR3. Use the Hanna Andersson promo code when you sign up through this link to Hanna Andersson.


Illoura the Label Discount Code

Save 10% off your first purchase at Illoura when you sign up for their newsletter. As the brand encourages thoughtful consumption of eco-conscious clothing, they do not offer the same mega sale type deals you might find on other brands.

Tips: to get the 10% off on your first purchase, visit illourathelabel.com. Wait around 30 seconds or so before the 10% discount code offer fires as a pop up. Also, make sure to adjust the currency settings to USD, CAD, GBP, or EUR if needed. By default, all prices are shown in AUD or Australian dollars.


JAmie Kay Discount Code

You can save an extra 10% off your order with this Jamie Kay discount code. It’s a referral link to take 10% off your purchase. For some shoppers, a unique code will pop up that you can enter to save 10%. For others, you just have to provide your name and email to get the savings.


Kyte Baby Discount Code

Save $10 off your first order of $50 or more at Kyte Baby, which is a 20% purchase off of a $50 purchase. Or, Kyte will offer a 10% discount of your first purchase if you visit KyteBaby.com and sign up for their newsletter.

If you’re spending $101 or more, the newsletter signup discount is your best deal. If you are spending $50 to $99 or less, you’ll save more money with the $10 Kyte Baby discount code offered through this referral link.


L’OvedBAby Coupon Code

As I recall, this brand used to offer a 10% off discount on your first purchase. But right now, L’ovedbaby does not offer an upfront percentage off discount. Instead, you can earn points with their L’oveBugs Club.

But if you’re looking for an upfront L’ovedbaby coupon or discount, you’re in luck. When you shop at L’ovedbaby with this referral link, you can save 15%. That’s basically a 15% off L’ovedbaby coupon.


Maisonette Promo Code

Maisonette sells a number of stylish, high-end children’s brands including toys, clothing, gear, and gifts of all kinds. Maisonette also sells women’s clothing too. Save 10% off your first order with the Maisonette promo code HELLO10.

Milkbots Coupon CODe (Milk+Bots or Milk Bots Coupon Code)

Milkbots (aka Milk+Bots or Milk Bots) is an online children’s boutique that sells clothes for babies, boys, girls, women, layette, nursery gear, and toys and accessories. They sell many of the brands featured on this list, and a number of other similar style brands as well.

Get a 10% discount when you make your first purchase on milkbots.com and sign up for their newsletter, or you can save $15 with this referral link to Milk Bots.

If you’re making a purchase of $149 or less, the $15 coupon is the better discount. Sign up through the referral link and provide your email and you’ll be given a $15 off coupon.

Misha & Puff Discount Code

The Misha & Puff popcorn sweater is a visual feast. But you won’t find a promo code or welcome discount on your first purchase on the Misha and Puff website. You can, however, get a $10 Misha and Puff discount off your order of $110 or more when you sign up through the referral link and use the promo code LL-KOG4IH3H.


Nic + Orie Promo Code

Save 10% off your first purchase at NicandOrie.com with the promo code NICANDORIE10.


Oeuf NYC


Pehr Promo Code

Pehr sells truly exquisite, organic clothing, layette, storage, and nursery gear for your littles. Save 15% off your first order when you sign up for the Pehr newsletter on ShopPehr.com. Or you can save $15 off an order of $75 or more with this referral link to Pehr. This is a 20% off savings for a purchase of $75. Sign up for the newsletter through the referral link and a Pehr discount code will be generated for you to apply.

If you’re spending $101 or more, just getting the straight 15% off newsletter discount code is a better deal. If you’re spending less, the $15 off discount will save you more money.


Quincy Mae Discount Code

Save $10 off your first order at Quincy Mae! Make your first purchase at Quincy Mae through this referral link and enter your email. You’ll unlock a Quincy Mae coupon for $10 off your order. At this time, there is not a minimum purchase amount required to get this discount (although presumably you would need to spend at least $10).


Rylee + Cru Discount Code

Rylee and Cru will offer new members a welcome bonus of 10%, or you can save $15 off your first purchase with this referral link.



Tea Collection Promo Code

There aren’t many Tea Collection promo codes proper in circulation. In fact, I’ve never found one.

When you sign up for Tea Collection newsletters, as a new customer, you can save 15% off your first order.

Or you can save 20% ($20 off of $100 +) on your order with this Tea Collection referral.







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