Easter Basket Ideas: 10 Great Basket Fillers (+Alternate Easter Basket Ideas)

hare on basket with happy easter card on mouth

Easter’s rounding the corner. And Easter baskets are to springtime what stockings are to Christmas. Many non-religious followers indulge in this fun rite of passage. And it seems that ever year, parents struggle with ideas on what to put in the Easter basket.

Growing up, there was already some pressure to build an adorable Easter basket filled with just the right mix of jelly beans and chocolate bunnies and small fun gifts. And now, TikTok and Instagram have taken the Easter basket to the next level.

We all want to build the best basket ever. (Within reason.) So here are some fun ideas for Easter baskets and Easter basket fillers. Since I’m a big fan of things that can be reused, I gravitate towards items that are not Easter-specific. Fun things that are Easter basket appropriate but can be used all yearlong.

10 Easter Basket Fillers

1 | Everything is Super from Super Smalls

Everything at Super Smalls is Easter basket worthy. For $27, you can get a super cute Easter basket bundle (reusable tote or purse, wearable bunny ears, and stickers including sticker jewelry.)

Then fill your basket with other fun goodies, like opening night heels, mermaid in training goggles, headbands, bracelets, rings, necklaces, shoe charms, and more.

Shop Super Smalls.

2 | Candylab Cars

If you’ve been going ga-ga for Candylab Cards, Easter is a great time to pull the trigger. Right now there’s a 20% of Easter sale going.

All of their cars are retro magic. Made of wood, they have major mid-century modern vibes. Everything is super Americana. You’ll find RV’s, food trucks, and station wagons with surf boards on the luggage rack. And many of t heir cars start at just $8.99.

And if you haven’t shopped there in a while, you’ll note they’ve rolled out many new pieces, garage parks, DIY kits, apparel! They’ve got cute short-sleeve and long-sleeve shirts that have a major Tiny Whales Socal vibe.

If you shop through this referral link for Candylab, you can save $15 off your purchase – in addition to the 20% off Easter sale. Shop Candylab.

3 | Egg Shaped Chalk

Amazon has a fun offering of egg and spring-themed chalks. Order chalk sets in the shape of chicks, bunnies, and eggs. Many egg chalk sets come in egg cartons, too.

Shop egg chalk from $3.99.

4 | Easter Egg Bath Bombs

Because the Easter Bunny wants you to take a bath. And scrub behind your ears.

Shop Easter egg bath bomb sets.

5 | Apparel Sunny Side Up

Do your kids get a new swimsuit, flip flops, and sunhat each year? Why not have the Easter bunny hop in with everything they need for sunny skies ahead.

Sunshine and rainbow themed apparel fits with Easter, but it is not specific to just one day a year. Hanna Andersson has a great selection of sunshine themed clothing, swimwear, and accessories like undies, sun hats, and reversible bucket hats.

Shop fun apparel items.

6 | Fun Jump Rope

Cute animal handles are a fun twist on an old classic. Get a four-pack for $11.79 from Amazon. Hoard the extras for later, or gift them to cousins and neighbors.

Shop caterpillar, frog, and bunny jump ropes.

7 | Butterfly Sunglasses

A cute pair of butterfly sunglasses is fun. Or go for carrots, bunnies, berries, or other fun novelty shapes.

Shop sunglasses.

8 | Easter Themed Lego Sets

The Easter game is strong with LEGO. You can get Easter and springtime themed building kids starting at just $14.97. If your kiddo is still playing with DUPLO bricks, you can find farm animal themed sets fromm $9.99.

Shop Easter Lego sets and Easter Duplo sets.

9 | Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Gardening Set

Get a cute, four-piece gardening set that includes a washable tote. If you wanted, you could even stuff the tote with jelly beans and other Easter candy and use it as a basket.

Shop Melissa & Doug gardening tote and set.

10 | Egg Shaped Maracas

This is a great gift for babies, toddlers, and even older kids. Who doesn’t want to jam out to Encanto and other hip tunes while shaking their maracas? Get a cute 6-piece set starting at just $8.99. Maracas are perfect for littles (and grown-ups) who want to play at being musician and a much better alternative to drum sets and recorders.

Shop maraca sets.

11 | More Magna-Tiles

Whether your kid’s got a box full or you’re brand new to this addictively magnetic toy, you can’t have too many Magna-Tiles. A small expansion pack can easily fit in an Easter basket. You can even go for a special Hungry Caterpillar or Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood themed set .

Shop Magna-Tiles.

Alternate Easter Basket Ideas

Now for the gift-holding vessel, or the Easter basket itself. Growing up, every year the Easter Bunny brought me a plastic-polyester basket (hot pink, neon yellow, and white in color) that was stuffed with green plastic grass.

This is still a popular option. However, this gives a very singular purpose to an Easter basket. There’s not much else it can do other than hold Easter themed objects. It doesn’t easily blend into other, everyday decor.

Here are some other, alternate Easter basket ideas:

  • Beach bucket: you can stuff the beach pail with a shovel, sunglasses, flip flops, and Easter candy.
  • Garden totes
  • Straw bag – like a beach bag, bucket bag, clutch bag, or purse
  • Rain boots – you can stuff them with paper grass and Easter candy and toys
  • Apple basket – you can paint it white if you’d like, or get one that’s natural (non-painted) and wheat or tan colored
  • Extra large mason jars
  • Ceramic planter – you can even make a small starter plan one of the Easter basket fillers
  • Small toy wagon
  • Bike basket – if your kiddo’s bike or trike needs a basket, what could be more thoughtful of the Easter Bunny?
  • Large mixing bowl – wooden or in a spring-friendly color – you could even load it with measuring spoons and cups and a cute apron