30 Stocking Stuffer Gifts that Don’t Suck

Updated December 11, 2021

Stocking stuffers can be a doozy. I want to get my kids a few fun things in their stockings to open on Christmas morning, but I don’t want to give them disposable junk. You know, cheap, plastic Dollar Store toys that are a choking hazard for my youngest kid and bad for the landfill and planets. 

But I don’t want to spoil them any further. They’ve already opened gifts from mom and dad and Santa and a host of relatives. Plus, it’s gotta fit in their normal-size Christmas stockings. And candy is a no-go. (My kids already get plenty.) 

Here are some fun, easy ideas for stocking stuffers that don’t suck. 22 of these 30 gifts are under $25. Nearly two-thirds of these gifts (19) are priced under $15. Holiday deals and sales are almost as good as Black Friday and they’re still going strong.

Trigger warning: Some profanity is used (albeit sparingly) because I’m sassy and sarcastic. 

FASHION UPDATE: The Alice & Ames Retro Plaid Dres that Sold Out in 5 Minutes is Back in Stock – all sizes! And you can save $15 at Alice & Ames.

For the Baller Santa Who’s Gonna Splurge 

#1 Curated Stocking Stuffer Gift Sets from The Tot 

Shop for bougie stocking stuffer gift sets on The Tot. (By bougie, I mean stocking stuffer gift sets that Instagram (v.) well.) Shop gift sets by age and gender. Get 5 to 9 cute items that don’t suck and that fit in a stocking. The stocking stuffer gift sets pictured are for a toddler boy 3-5 years or unisex age 0-2. Stocking stuffer sets are available for kids age Newborn to 12 years old. Price depends on toy count and ranges from $50 to $200. You could buy one big one and split it up among 2-3 kids. 

#2 Gorgeous Mod Maple Toy Box on Casters 

So yeah, this one fits under the stockings. Not in it. It’s the one “cheat” on the list. 

Maybe your kid’s got too much shit and you’re running out of ways to store it. Or all those cardboard boxes or garish neon orange storage bins are starting to hurt your eyes. This huge toy box stores a ton and it’s beautiful to look at. In addition to white, there are 6 other color options. 

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#3 Maileg Mouse in the Box 

Maileg Mouse is a great gift for babies and kids of all ages, or even adults who appreciate stuffies and Instagram-pretty goodies. The Brother Mouse, in pajamas, matches the fun Christmas morning just hopped out of bed theme. 

#4 iPad Mini with Retina Display 

#5 Dozy Dinkum Doll 

Adorable soft doll that’s 12.5 inches long. There are a few other color options, too. 

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For the Eco-Minded Santa 

#6 Jellycat Pedlar Bunny 

#7 Estella Handmade Baby Rattle 

Estella rattles are sustainably and ethically handmade in Peru. 

  • Age: 0-12M 
  • Price: $20 
  • Buy: Estella Rattles on Estella or limited stock on Amazon 

#8 Scandinavian Holiday Fabric Mix Book 

This fabric book is eco-friendly with recycled fabrics, with bright colors and textures that kids will enjoy. 

#9 Silicone Cat Divider Plate 

This eco-friendly cat divider plate from the Danish brand Liewood is sure to please moms and little ones. Different pullout compartments are fun and handy. (This thing bends. It’ll fit.) 

#10 Squeezable Blocks 

Soft, squeaky, and chewable, these eco-friendly blocks are perfect for just about any young kid. Brightly colored and textured, kids will love the look, touch, and taste of this toy. Older kids can practice colors, counting, stacking, addition, subtraction, and pattern recognition. These blocks from B. Toys come in a 10-pack set.

#11 Mikado Pick Up Sticks  

#12 Eco-Friendly Uno Cards

In case you didn’t know, this classic card game is not eco-friendly. Classic UNO cards are constructed with plastic and dyes that aren’t earth friendly. But there is a Nothing But Paper version of Uno. Cards are made of paper only (all recycled) and with soy based ink, water based glue, and all non-toxic materials. 

#13 Bombas Socks

You can find comfy wool-blend socks and slipper socks in colors and patterns your kids will get excited over. 

And with every sock purchase, Bombas will donate a pair to someone in need. In fact, socks are the number one requested donation item from homeless shelters. 

Bombas sells socks in 1-packs to 16-packs in all sizes, colors, and patterns. 

Save 25% off your Bombas purchase with this referral link (that’s even cheaper than their Black Friday sale). 

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For the Cheap as Balls Santa ($15 and Less) 

#14 Gold Charm Necklace


Six fun charm necklace options to choose from. And the Amazon reviews suggest they don’t suck, so they might last long enough for your kid to enjoy. The average review is 4.6 of 5 stars. 

#15 Seasonal Scented Bath Bomb 

#16 Crayon Spike Dinosaur 

Get a small wood dinosaur crayon holder that comes with 9 awesome dino spike shaped crayons. 

#17 Classic Green Army Men 

Get a 36-piece set of this classic toy for $7 or less. 

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#18 Lifetime Supply of Scented Stickers 

48 sheets of scented stickers – enough to last your kid a lifetime – or at least Christmas morning. 

#19 Scented Colored Pencils


Get a 12 pack of Crayola’s Silly Scents, colored pencils with fun, fruity smells. 

#20 Marvel Chapsticks in Kid-Friendly Flavors 

This 8 pack includes Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow, Thor, Loki, Black Panther, and Captain America. The chapsticks come in a variety of flavors, and are all vegan and paraben free.   

#21 Spiderman Cable Bite / Cable Protector 

Spiderman can save the day  – and your cable charger, too. The superhero prevents the end from getting frayed or bent and broken. 

#22 Scrunchies (They’re back. Have been. For a while.) 

Get this 8 pack in a hip, Saved by the Bell color palette. 

#23 Thick, Gorgeous Tights 

Olivia J sells thick gorgeous socks (ribbed, cable, textured, patterned, and more) in all sizes for babies and kids. They also carry fantastic socks in all sizes and colors, including fun ruffle edge flourishes. 

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For the Santa with Small Choking Hazards Afoot 

#24 Pull Apart Pup 

#25 Under the Sea Teething Flashcards

  • Age: 0-12M
  • Price: $11.60 (Maisonette) or $11 (Amazon) 
  • Buy: Under the Sea Teething Flashcards on Maisonette  or Amazon  

#26 January Moon Teether 

#27 Chomps and Willa 2 Pack Finger Toothbrush with Book 

  • Age: 0-2 years 
  • Price: $11.66 (Maisonette) or $12.95 (Amazon) 
  • Buy: Chomps and Willa Brushes and Book on Maisonette or Amazon

#28 Mushie Silicone Snack Cup 

So pretty and so practical. There are 13 different color options. 

#29 Mushie Stacking Cups 

These gorgeous made in Denmark stacking cups are a cult favorite. There are 4 different color set options, all made from eco-safe plastic free of BPA or PVC. 

#30 Baby Einstein Rainbow Bath Book 

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