15 Stocking Stuffers on Amazon You’ll Want to Buy Yourself

a man and a woman decorating for christmas

(And they’re cheap, too.)

December 24th is drawing near. If you’re like me, you’ve got the bigger gifts figured out and you’re scrambling for stocking stuffers.

For a number of reasons, I’ve tried to shift my online shopping away from Amazon over the past few years. I still do shop Amazon: I just don’t want the to always get all my online money (and data). But when it comes to shipping, and fast and free shipping options, Amazon is my friend during stocking suffer season.

Here are 11 great stocking stuffer finds I’ve found on Amazon that you’ll want for yourself. (That’s me projecting. I want them for myself. Hint, hint Santa.) And they all ship lightening speed Amazon Prime.

#1Whatever Happens, We’re Eating IT

Colorfully fun oven mitt for $14.99 on Amazon. (Michael, buy this.) Buy this Blue Q oven mitt for $14.99 on Amazon.

#2 The “F” Bomb Bath Bomb

Da Bomb"F" Bath Bomb, Purple

For anyone who loves bath bombs. Or dropping the “F” bomb as much as I do. Buy on Amazon for $7.50.

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#3 LeBron James Pez Head

Pez LeBron James Candy Dispenser – LeBron James Pez Dispenser | Space Jam Pez Candy Dispenser with Candy Refills | Space J...

I just find this funny. Maybe I secretly want to snap off his head every now and then, who knows? Buy on Amazon for $5.56.

#4 Hemp Chapstick on a Carabiner

Eco Lips Organic Hemp Lip Balm with Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E to Soothe Chapped Lips. 100% Plastic-Free Plant Pod Pa...

I live in Minnesota, where everyone’s lips get cracked and jacked up in the wintertime. But I can never hold onto a chapstick. These Eco Lips chapsticks attach to a carabiner that you can clip to your backpack or purse. Sweet. Get a vanilla 3-pack with a carabiner attachment. Buy on Amazon for $10.49.

#5 Little Feminist Deck of Cards

Little Feminist Playing Cards

Playing cards that celebrate amazing women as the kings, queens, jacks, and joker. Buy on Amazon for $10.01.

#6 Oh Henry! Candy Bars

4 Full Sized OH Henry! Chocolate Candy Bars 232g {Imported From Canada}

So these are hard to find in the US, even though it’s a Canadian brand. (I mean is Canada that costly or exotic?) But getting a 4-bar pack for $9 is actually one of the better prices I’ve found, and our youngest is named Henry. Buy Oh! Henry bars for $9 on Amazon.

#7 Bracelet Stack that Stays On

SPUNKYsoul 5 Wrap Leather Circle Bracelet Brown for Women Collection (Brown)

It’s a 5-wrap leather circle bracelet that’s listed for women, but it would work for tweens too and it seems unisex. Buy leather bracelet for $15.99 on Amazon.

#8 Peanuts Holiday Collection

Peanuts Holiday Collection

It’s gets harder and harder to access the holiday themed Charlie brown movies, like “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” or “A Charlie Brown Christmas”. (I don’t want to mess around with Apple TV.) While we don’t buy DVD’s anymore, paying $21 to get 4 classic Peanut DVD’s on one disc is worth it. Buy the Peanuts Holiday Collection for $21 on Amazon.

#9 Slinky

The Original Slinky Walking Spring Toy, Metal Slinky, Fidget Toys, Party Favors and Gifts, Toys for 5 Year Old Girls and B...

Slinkies are still cool. It’s $2.99 for 1 (with a wide shipping window) or get a 3-pack for $8.97 and 2-day delivery. Buy slinkies on Amazon.

#10 Fun Coat Hooks

DesignSter Resin Bird Coat Hooks - Premium Creative Wall Mounted Birds Decorative Art Decor Hat Towel Bag Hanger Gift for ...

Extra single coat hooks that you can place anywhere are great for hanging wet socks and mittens. And they’re perfect for hanging necklaces too. (Mine always end up in a tangled heap even with necklace tree stands.) Buy a set of decorative coat hooks on Amazon for $25.99.

I might get these and spray-paint them all scarlet or coral.

#11 Everything Golden Girls

It’s hard to go wrong with anything Golden Girls. (I liked them, after the show was done airing, before it was cool to like them again.)

Golden Girl Coffee Mug
Fisher-Price Little People Collector The Golden Girls, Special Edition Figure Set Featuring 4 Lead Characters from The Cla...

#12 A Man, a Can, a Plan

A Man, a Can, a Plan : 50 Great Guy Meals Even You Can Make

This board book cookbook is great for novice and beginner cooks. Kids should bee able to make these recipes since they’re mostly 3-ingredients.

The title implies men can’t cook but women can. And as a woman and mom, I am living contradictory proof.

I’ve improved over the past few years (field experience), but there are plenty of overwhelming evenings when you’re not sure what to make. Having a can and an easy plan are very handy. Buy the board book with 50 recipes for $15.74 on Amazon.

#13 Oversized Shopping Tote

Made out of recycled materials and it zips close, it’s super sturdy and cute. There are a dozen different prints to choose from. If you don’t the brand Blue Q, go browse their gear now. They have fun retro and snarky prints. It can collapse down and fold into stocking stuffer size. Shop Blue Q totes.

#14 Carhartt Flip-Top Mittens

Flip-top mittens from Carhartt. Buy for $21.99 on Amazon.

#15 Facial Moisturizer Spray

Sometimes I’m too lazy to mess with face creams. But a moisturizer spray? Yes, please. And since it’s made from clean, vegan ingredients, I would spray it on little chapped cheeks too. Buy Rael moisturizer face spray for $21.99 on Amazon.