Matching Family Christmas Pajamas: 16 Brands that Offer Family Matching Pajamas for All Price Points and All Styles 

We’re past peak family-picture taking season (of mid-autumn), style-hungry moms aren’t done putting together matching ‘looks’ for picture perfect photos. Even if they’re captured on smartphones and GoPros at home. 

Matching Christmas pajamas from Hanna Andersson are legendary – for their high-quality, steep price tags, and undeniable popularity. This Oregon-based brand with Swedish roots may have launched the matching family Christmas pajamas craze, but in recent years the popularity has definitely taken off. You’ll find matching family pajama sets from across all different brands and price points, and even styles for family pets too.

Affordable Matching Family Pajamas 

While I love Hanna Andersson Christmas pajamas and have found great clearance deals, let’s be real. Getting matching pajamas in everyone’s size is a challenge. While you can find Hanna Andersson pajamas, in any print, for littles for quite cheap (with clearance events), matching prints gets much harder. And adult size pajamas on Hanna Andersson are definitely spendy. 

Luckily, there are many affordable options that this article covers, including Old Navy,  Carter’s, and JCPenney. 

Price tags aside, finding everyone’s size is the biggest challenge. If you wait until December, that becomes a very difficult task. From bougie brands to budget brands, shop early to have the widest range of options for styles, prices, and shipping for matching holiday pajamas.  

Here are 16 Brands that sell Matching Christmas Pajamas for the Family 

1 | Hanna Andersson Matching Family Pajamas

Hanna Andersson offers the widest assortment of different themes for matching family pajamas. Styles include licensed character prints (Grinch, Peanuts, etc.), classic holiday plaids, seasonal characters like Frosty, Hanukkah, and many more options. 

Styles for kids are the classic zippie sleepers and two-sleeve long johns. Matching adult styles can vary, including: jersey knit two pieces, waffle knit two-pieces, button down collared tops, brushed flannel pants, soft jersey lounge pants, tank tops, robes, and nightgowns. 

Some family pajama sets also include slippers, slipper socks, scarves, and beanies. For many styles, you can find coordinating holiday party looks like Tannebaum sweaters and sweater dresses or velvet rompers. 

Hanna Andersson pajamas are virtually always on sale, with typical markdowns 20% to 30% off. 

  • Sizes: 0-3M to Adult XXXL  
  • Matching Pet Styles: Yes 
  • Price Range: $44 to $98

Save an additional 20% on top of sales prices with this Hanna Andersson referral link.

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2 | Monica + Andy Matching Family Pajamas

The Monica and Andy brand has some really matching family pajama options in their Holi-Yay Collection. 

Their modern takes on a classic red plaid, stripped-down candy cane print, and simple evergreen trees are among my favorite prints for all holiday pajamas I’ve seen this season.  

Monica and Andy style options include fleece lined leggings, long-sleeve bodysuits, two-piece cotton knit sets, cotton dresses, rompers, one-piece zippies, top knot caps, and blankets.  

  • Size Range: Preemie / Newborn / 0 -3M to Adult XL 
  • Matching Pet Styles: No 
  • Price Range: $16.99 to $49.99 

3 | Burt’s Bees Matching Family Pajamas

Burt’s Bees has a lot of cute and affordable options for matching family pajamas – and they’re made out of all-organic, cotton too. You’ll find sleepers, nightgowns, and two-piece sets in a softer, more muted holiday color palette. Adult options include henley tops and loose-fitting pajama pants, and you can find matching dog bandanas too. 

As an added touch, you can find matching blankets, crib sheets, and hats for a fully coordinated look. 

Free shipping is available for orders of $75+, but Burt’s Bees cautions shoppers that delivery can take 2-3 weeks. Styles are starting to sell out  – due to Burt’s Bees soft modern styles, organic fabric, and affordable prices. So it’s best to shop early. New customers can save 20% on their Burt’s Bees order. There are pet bandana options, too. 

  • Sizes: Newborn / 0-3M to Adult XXL
  • Matching Pet Styles: Yes 
  • Price Range: $9.95 to $39.95 

Save 20% off your Burt’s Bees purchase with referral link for Burt’s Bees Baby.

4 | Carter’s Matching Family Pajamas

Carter’s isn’t just for kids and babies. Carter’s sells affordable, coordinating family outfits and pajama sets too. Carter’s matching family jammies come in a variety of seasonal and holiday prints and colors, with over 250 total options available. 

Carter’s is by far the most affordable option for matching Christmas pajamas for the family. You can cozy, classic two piece styles in adult sizes for under $20. 

  • Sizes: Preemie, NB / 0-3M up to Adult XXL 
  • Matching Pet Styles: No 
  • Price Range: $8 to $24 

5 | Fin & Vince Matching Family Pajamas

I’ve recently discovered Fin and Vince and I love this brand so much. (The brand is featured in the main image of this article.) In a crowded high-end kids’ market, Fin & Vince stand out. Their knit overalls, fleece dungarees, and color-block waffle knits are total knockouts. And the brand’s color palette is modern yet retro, featuring cream, ivory, vintage blue, hazelnut, fern, mustard, and vintage blue. Fin and Vince is also known for their hand-drawn prints and illustrations.

Fin and Vince might not seem like an obvious choice for family pajamas. Search “family pajamas” on the Fin and Vince website; nothing will turn up. But the brand has a dozen or looks that you can coordinate for matching pajamas for littles and mom. Search the one-pieces, waffle knits, layette collection, and women’s collection.

There are so many one-pieces (for babies, kids, and moms), waffle knit separates, and rompers that work well together, and in prints that work for the holiday season and beyond. 

Sizes: Newborn / 0-3M to Adult XXL (Women only)
Matching Pet Styles: No 
Price Range: $38 to $98 

6 | L’ovedbaby Matching Family Pajamas 

L’ovedbaby is known for selling organic baby and kids clothing that has an earthy yet urban feel. The brand’s zippered footies and kimono snap onesies are popular baby shower gifts. 

This Los Angeles based brand also sells family thermal sets, too in crimson, sage, black, grey mist, and a couple other solids. L’ovedbaby’s matching family pajamas are perfect for the family looking for a vintage, timeless look that can fit an Aspen ski lodge or urban skatepark. 

Family coordinating pieces include fitted drawstring pants, women’s onesies (union suits), jogger pants, thermal long sleeve tees, footies, long john sets, knotted caps, and blankets. There are a number of pet bandana options, too.  Save 15% with this referral link to L’ovedbaby.

  • Sizes: 0-3M to Adult XL 
  • Matching Pet Styles: Yes 
  • Price Range: $24 to $68 

7 | Old Navy Matching Family Pajamas

Old Navy sells playful pajamas for the family too, in a wide range of different styles: red buffalo plaid, fair isle, snowy trees, bright rainbow colors, novelty prints, autumnal plaids, Hanukkah, Santa, and more. 

Family set options include zipper-down sleepers, snug two-piece sets, flannel shorts and pants, pajama joggers and lounge pants, thermal leggings, boxer shorts, one-piece union suits for grown-ups, and two-piece classic pajama sets with collared button down tops and loose-fitting bottoms. 

Old Navy also carries matching blankets and socks, eye masks, tote bags, and pet bandanas and sweaters.  

  • Sizes: 0-3M to Adult 4XL, Options for Maternity
  • Matching Pet Styles: Yes
  • Price Range: $10 – $49 

8 | Gymboree Matching Family Pajamas 

The popular children’s brand Gymboree also sells matching family pajama outfits or “Gymmies”. Their family pajama designs are themed around Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and the winter season. 

Gymboree offers a number of options for men’s, women, and kids, including adult flannel sets, flannel nightgowns, two-piece cotton sets, fleece pants, and sherpa lined slippers.

  • Sizes: 2T to Adult XXL 
  • Matching Pet Styles: No 
  • Price Range: $19 to $45 

9 | Janie and Jack Matching Family Pajamas

If your style skews preppy and you’re going for just a sibling-match look, Janie and Jack has some great classic looks for babies and kids up to size 14. 

Janie and Jack’s holiday pajama sets come in classic prints and colors for their flannel rompers, long johns, robes, two-piece classic sets, and nightgowns. 

And you can still pull together an all family look if you go with the green and red tartan plaid. 

  • Sizes: 0-3M to Adult XL 
  • Matching Pet Styles: No
  • Price Range: $39 to $88  

10 | Land’s End Matching Family Pajamas

Land’s End sells a number of comfy, matching family pajama options. Choose from nine different prints, including red plaid or coastal holiday which featured hand drawn scarlet lobsters on a print of white and winter-blue sea fauna. 

Garment options include flannel pajama pants, two-piece flannel sleep sets, flannel robes, sherpa lined flannel robes, infant zipper-down fleece sleepers, kids fleece one-piece sleepers, jersey knit T-shirts, flannel nightshirts, union suits, leggings, lounger nightgowns, flannel shorts, and flannel moccasin slippers. There are some coordinating options for pets too in sweaters, bandanas, and flannel shirts. 

  • Sizes: 0-3M to Adult XXL 
  • Matching Pet Styles: Yes 
  • Price Range: $19 to $45 

11 | LC Lauren Conrad Matching Family Pajamas

You can get stylish LC Lauren Conrad “jammies for your families” at Kohl’s. They come in a number of different seasonal prints. LC Lauren Conrad garments are known for being more subtle, muted, and modern than other styles you’ll typically find at Kohl’s. 

Featured pajama garments include tops and bottoms, nightgowns, union suits, and zipper-down sleepers. Stores will carry a limited range of styles, and selections get picked through quickly. You’ll have the best luck shopping online at 

  • Sizes: 12M to Adult XXL, Options for Maternity 
  • Matching Pet Styles: No 
  • Price Range: $10 to $38 

12 | L.L. Bean Matching Family Pajamas

LL Bean has some fun matching pajamas and loungewear styles for the family, including camp PJ sets in a variety of colors (with a long sleeve LL Bean logo T-shirt and loose fitting flannel pants). Other garment options include waffle-knit onesies and union suits, plush robes, slipper booties, and lined, suede moccasins.  

  • Sizes: 2T – Adult XXXL, Options for Tall and Petite
  • Matching Pet Styles: No 
  • Price Range: $29.95 – $99 

13 | The Company Store Matching Family Pajamas

The Company Store has matching family pajamas options for the entire crew, including pets, dolls, and stuffies. The Company Store sells matching long johns in organic cotton, flannel robes, flannel two-piece sets, cotton lounge sets for mothers and daughters, henley top and flannel pant sets, flannel nightshirts for women and girls, and flannel boxers. 

Prints and colors for matching family pajamas run the gamut from seasonal plaids and bright and cheery Hanna Andersson like prints, to some softer and more muted prints and colors. 

  • Size Range: 2T – Adult XXL, Options for Pets and Dolls 
  • Matching Pet Styles: No 
  • Price Range: $44 – $79  

Save 25% off with this referral link for The Company Store. (Otherwise it’s 20% off for signing up for the newsletter on site.)

14 | Petite Plume Matching Family Pajamas

Petite Plume pajamas have a magical, timeless quality. Petite Plume’s style suggests New England prep school blurred with classic vintage and Aspen ski lodges. 

The elegance and refinement of Petite Plume comes at a premium, however, many of their family styles are not outrageously priced. 

Find matching holiday pajamas and robes in classic tartan plaids, ginghams, and solids. But Petite Plume also has matching pajamas in softer, understated prints ranging from mid-century to downright whimsical and outdoorsy. I especially love the antique red ticking pattern, and if $272 was in our budget that is the set I would buy for my family. 

The best thing about Petite Plume is all the little extra matching options: hair bows, kitty eye face masks, doll jammies, plush robes and light-weight robes, nightgowns in a variety of cuts, and bandanas and bow ties for family pets. 

  • Sizes: 0-3M to Adult XL, Options for Pets and Dolls
  • Matching Pet Styles: Yes 
  • Price Range: $48 – $128 (accessories under $20) 

15 | Matching Family Pajamas

Primary consistently earns high marks for its quality, colorful cotton staples for babies and kids. The label also sells a number of family match garments and pajama sets. 

Primary’s colors and patterns are not season or holiday-specific – you won’t find candy cane or menorah prints. But you can find pajamas in any solid color you can think of, and a number of stripe and polka dot color combos too. And the lack of Santa patterns means that you’ll all be wearing your PJ’s well past the holidays into the new year. 

Standard zip footies and long john options are available for kids and babies. For grown-ups, you’ll find crewneck jersey tops, and comfy jersey pants with drawstring waists. Most pajamas are organic. 

  • Sizes: NB / 0-3M up to Adult XXXL
  • Matching Pet Styles: Yes 
  • Price Range: $19.50 to $29.50 

16 | JCPenney Matching Family Pajamas

JCPenney has a huge selection of matching pajamas for the family. You’ll find matching holiday styles for pajamas, loungewear, and even hooded reindeer outfits. Matching family pajamas are available in a wide range of sizes for everyone in the family – including family pets. 

Prints and styles include fair isle, logo print, buffalo plaid, retro blue, Grinch, Nordic Buffalo, Feliz Navidad, candy cane stripe, snowflake, and more. 

  • Sizes: NB / 0-3M to Adult 4XL. Options for Husky, Tall, and Petite
  • Matching Pet Styles: Yes 
  • Price Range: $7 to $34.50

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