Tea Collection clothes: Where to buy, sell, trade and score discount codes and coupons

Introduction to Tea Collection

Taking off in 2002, Tea Collection was the first children’s clothing line that was created to ensure that children were able to wear comfortable, yet sophisticated pieces of clothing on a daily basis. Tea Collection clothes are made for every child, of every background.

What is Tea Collection?

Tea Collection is a popular, high-quality children’s clothing company known for its playful prints and designs that have an international twist. Sizes range from newborn to size 16 girls and boys.

Tea Collection clothes are meant to embrace intercontinental patterns and prints, giving their garments a global connection. Trendy and stylish, Tea Collection has fun and comfy options for play and for special occasions that both kids and parents love.

Tea Collection global styles made for play and adventure - get coupons and promo codes for Tea Collection.

Is Tea Collection A Good Brand?

Yes, Tea Collection is an excellent children’s clothing brand. Tea Collection is a reputable child’s clothing brand that excels in quality clothing items for your child to wear every single day. This company also loves to give back to the community that it serves, providing 10% of their profits to philanthropies from all around the world.

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Where Can I Buy Tea Collection?

You can purchase Tea Collection clothing a number of different ways.

  • Shop TeaCollection.com: the site runs a number of different special discounts and sales.
  • Dillard’s stores
  • Amazon (limited selection)
  • Online clothing boutiques
  • Local clothing boutiques, including consignment stores like Once Upon A Child
  • Clothing resale sites and resale apps like Kidizen, ThredUp, Mercari, or Poshmark
  • Facebook clothing resale groups (called B/S/T or Buy Sell Trade groups)

TeaCollection.com does offer 15% off your first purchase on their website, however, if you join with this referral link you can save 20% at Tea Collection. You’ll save $20 off a purchase of $100.

Where Can I Buy And Sell Used Tea Collection Clothing?

There are a number of ways to buy and sell Tea Collection in clothing in good used, NWOT, or NWT condition.

  • Shop or sell at Once Upon A Child (OUAC) stores. It can take a little bit of time to sift through the racks, but you’ll find a decent amount of Tea Collection clothing here. In my experience, OUAC stores mark up this brand quite high – like $14 for dresses in good condition, or $10 for faded dresses. (Typically I would just wait for clearance on the brand’s website and pay $12 to $16 brand new.) If you sell at OUAC, they will give you 15% of whatever they list the garment for.
  • Shop or sell on clothing resale groups on Facebook. There are groups themed uniquely around buying, selling, and trading certain brands or styles of clothing, Tea Collection included. You can sell or buy new or pre-loved Tea Collection clothing for up to 80% off. Certain highly desired items can sell for a lot more – even greater than original price. You can create listings or purge-style sales in these groups to resell your child’s outgrown Tea Collection clothes.
  • Shop or sell on clothing resale apps like Kidizen, Mercari, and Poshmark. Tea Collection clothing on these sites is more expensive, but there’s a larger assortment of styles, sizes, and conditions. As a seller, you can make more money selling on these sites. However, they will take a commission of around 15% or a little bit more and you will have to ship the garment. Low-priced items will sell quickly. If you want to make more money, you may have to “sit” on the item for several weeks or months.

Here are some listings you can find for Tea Collection clothing on resale site Kidizen (left) and in Facebook resale groups.

Resale listings for Tea Collection on Kidizen and in Facebook groups.

Promo Codes for Mercari, Kidizen, and Poshmark

  • Sign up for Mercari with this referral link, get $30 free. You’ll get $10 off your first purchase. And you’ll get $20 off any Mercari purchase after you’ve sold your first $100 on their marketplace. This site is the easiest one to create listings and lowest in seller fees (commissions).
  • Join Kidizen with this referral link, get $5 off your first purchase. Minnesota based Kidizen has the largest selection of children’s clothing brands, and also toys, books, baby gear, and and mama size clothing. There is no easy way to make an offer. (There’s no functionality to click and submit an offer. You have to direct message the seller and wait for a response.) If you sell on here, a big plus is there’s an option for your listings to also be shared on Facebook Marketplace where you can reach a broader audience.
  • Join Poshmark with this referral link, get $10 off your first purchase. Poshmark has a huge selection of clothes and accessories for tons of brands, but you’ll find that Kidizen has a much larger selection of kids clothes and kids brands. The seller fees (commissions to Poshmark) are a bit steep. And if you’re a buyer on Poshmark, you pay the shipping which is set at a flat rate fee. Currently that amount is set at $7.45 (ouch). But you have more flexibility in terms of haggling with the seller to get a good deal. You can ask make offers at 30% off or more – on Mercari you can’t make offers that go below 20% off list price.

There are different buyers and different sellers on all of these apps. Plenty of sellers sell on two or more of them, or even on other sites too like thredUP and eBay. And as a buyer, if you’re looking for good deals it’s worth your time to hit up all of these sites. You can create alerts for when specific brands or items you want get listed.

Who Owns Tea Collection Clothing?

Tea Collection was co-founded in 2002 Emily Meyer and Leigh Rawdon through angel investor funding. These two women brought something new to the kids fashion market with clothing and designs celebrates the world of fashion with global inspired prints, designs, and cuts. Meyer has been quoted as saying, “I wanted something more sophisticated and modern” than pink bunnies and cutesie prints. “Tea” is in the brand’s name because tea is a drink shared by all cultures around the globe, and evokes “warmth, wisdom, and timelessness.”

The company is headquartered in San Fransisco, California and is still privately held. Since 2012, Tea Collection has seen 24% compound annual growth and more than tripled its employee headcount.

Is Tea Collection Clothing Organic?

While Tea Collection clothing does not have organic certification, Tea Collection clothing is made completely out of natural-fibers. These fibers and particular fabrics are pesticide and fertilizer free, making them completely safe for any child to wear.

Is Tea Collection Clothing Ethically Made?

Tea Collection is known and regarded as being one of the top clothing manufacturers that maintains a sense of complete ethical practice while creating their pieces of clothing. The company sources and manufactures their clothes in Peru, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, and other parts of the globe.

Does Tea Collection Clothing Run Big Or Small?

Although every child is different, Tea Collection clothing is known to run a touch generous. In my personal experience, Tea Collection ran one size large for my daughter (who is 75th percentile for size) and true-to-size for my son (who is 95th percentile for size).

Reference the height, weight, and sizing measurements on Tea Collection’s size charts to make sure you’re getting the best fit.

Below you can see sample size charts for baby and toddler dresses and for baby and toddler bottoms. On Tea Collection’s website, you’ll note that they have different size charts for different types of garments (tops, bottoms, dresses, rompers, pajamas, and sweaters) and genders.

For a reference point on sizing, my daughter (3 years and 1 month) is 75th percentile for size and weights 30.5 pounds which would put her at a size 2T or 2 in Tea Collection.

How Do I Get A Tea Collection Promo Code For Free Shipping And Other Savings?

Tea Collection offers free shipping on orders $150 or more. Otherwise, there is a flat rate shipping fee of $7. Occasionally, Tea Collection will have promotions where you can get free shipping with a minimum spend of $75.

You can find other Tea Collection promo code and coupon code savings on deals sites like CouponChief.com, RetailMeNot, GivingAssistant.org, or SlickDeals.net.

New customers can save 15% off their first order when they sign up for Tea Collection emails, or you can get 20% off Tea Collection with my referral link.

When Are There Tea Collection Sales Events?

Tea Collection offers sales events throughout the year at the major shopping holidays (Labor Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Memorial Day) and during Back-to-School season. Generally the sales are tiered – spend $50 save some, spend $100 save more, spend $150 or more and save the most.

At any time of the year, you can check out the Sale page on Tea Collection to find deals up to 40% off or more. You’ll find the best savings here when Tea Collection rotates in a new season’s collection.

How Do I Get Tea Collection Coupons?

Customers can sign up for the Tea Collection newsletter, in order to receive notifications about different coupons and sales that might be happening in the future. You can also sign up for SMS or text alerts.

You can get $20 of your first order of $100 or more on TeaCollection.com.

What Is The Tea Collection Return And Exchange Policy?

Tea Collection allows customers to return any clothing item or product that is not marked as a “final sale” item at any point in time, for any reason. A full refund will be rewarded to the customer if they return the item within 60 days of purchase. Tea Collection also offers exchanges for products that you aren’t fully satisfied with.

Does tea collection have good resale value?

Most of the time, yes, Tea Collection has good resale value. And by good resale value, I mean there’s a market (of moms) willing to pay $5 to $30 or more for your used Tea Collection clothing items.

In fact, I recently did an in-depth analysis look at the re-sale value of clothing from Tea Collection and five other popular, high-end kids brands. On average, Tea Collection has a 47% re-sale value with boy’s clothing doing exceptionally well.

Of course, condition of the garment can dictate pricing. And some of these prices also include shipping. But it gives you a good glimpse of what other shoppers are willing to pay for Tea Collection clothes on secondhand clothing sites.

why are moms so obsessed with tea collection?

While there is more choice on the market now than there was 20 years ago when Tea Collection launched, moms loved Tea Collection because it offered something different in the world of kid’s fashion. Tea Collection clothing is the antidote to pink bunnies and rocking horses and cutesie prints that flood the market.

Tea Collection colors, prints, and styles are hip, playful, whimsical, global, and even a little bit edgy. Many of their prints are hand-drawn illustrations that are made into patterns. And if you’ve ever flipped through a rack of garments at OUAC (Once Upon A Child) where clothes are sorted by size, the Tea Collection’s unique color pattern stands out: teals, corals, scarlets, orchids, mauves, creams, and dusky blues stand out in a sea of pinks and navy blues.

Final Thoughts On Tea Collection

Tea Collection has some really unique prints and color palettes for children’s clothing. If you’re looking to add some flavor to your kid’s wardrobe, or deck them out from head to toe in fun pieces, you really can’t go wrong with Tea Collection.

Personally, I wait until they’re on clearance on TeaCollection or look for these garments at Once Upon A Child or Nordstrom Rack. I try to snag them for around $8 to $18 a piece, and then resell them for $7 to $15.

Whatever approach, make sure your kiddos get a lot of wear out of these clothes. And take care of them, so they can be handed down for younger siblings and other kids to love too.

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